12-Inch Tablet Blackview Tab 18 With 12GB RAM, 256GB UFS Storage Launching In Mid-November | Medium Media

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Backview is expanding its mid-range of tablets and will motorboat a 12-inch Android 13 tablet successful that abstraction successful nan mediate of November, pinch nan wholly caller Blackview Tab 18.

They haven’t announced nan value yet, but considering nan specs, it’s astir apt going to motorboat successful nan sub $350 range.

So arsenic a larger than mean tablet, what will we get? Well, let’s commencement pinch nan screen, which is simply a 12-inch (11.97) surface pinch a Full HD 2000 x 1200 solution that really features a 120Hz refresh rate. So that’s interesting. And it supports Widevine L1 for streaming videos from Netflix and Amazon.

Blackview Tab 18

Blackview Tab 18 pinch each its colour options

And to support nan costs down, it has nan celebrated MediaTek Helio G99 chipset, pinch 12GB LPDDR4x RAM and different 12GB virtual RAM, and arsenic overmuch arsenic 256GB UFS 2.1 storage. And of people it has a microSD paper slot, which supports representation cards up to 1TB.

It moreover even has digitizer pen pinch support for 4096 levels of unit sensitivity. The IR and 8MP Samsung beforehand camera has look unlocking too, moreover though there’s besides a fingerprint scholar connected this tablet.

The rear camera is simply a 16MP camera pinch LED, though there’s nary connection connected what max solution it supports successful photos and videos yet.

Other specs known truthful acold includes dual-band Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.1, Harman Kardon quad speakers, an 8800 mAh artillery pinch 33W accelerated charging support and a 9 hr artillery life, aa afloat group of navigation sensors, and it runs Android 13 pinch Blackview’s ain DokeOS_P 4.0, which is amazingly characteristic rich | successful my opinion.

It seems to person been built good excessively because it’s conscionable 7.9mm heavy and weighs conscionable 632 grams, which is simply a beautiful decent weight for a 12-inch tablet PC.

Color options will beryllium abstraction grey, glacier blue, and turquoise green.

The stylus pen that nan Blackview Tab 18 supports, is nan Blackview Magnetic S Pen Gen 2, which attaches magnetically to nan broadside of nan tablet.

So this is really nan 2nd caller 12-inch tablet to motorboat successful nan caller fund scope of tablets this size, aft nan Teclast T60.

– Tom Bowen