24- And 27-Inch Samsung Essential Monitor S3 (S33GC) Release On November 10 With 100 Hz Frame Rate | Medium Media

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Samsung is introducing a caller show bid this week successful nan shape of nan Samsung S33GC astatine benignant of introduction level prices. These Samsung monitors will beryllium released connected November 10 from $149:

That’s nan value for nan 24-inch exemplary (LS24C332GANXZA), but nan 27-inch exemplary (LS27C332GANXZA) isn’t that overmuch much costly astatine $189.

Samsung Essential Monitor S3 features a Full HD solution of 1920 x 1080, and a refresh complaint of 100 Hz, which is what I for illustration nan astir about this show series.

Monitors person a guidelines complaint of 60 Hz different we mightiness spot nan surface flickering. Some amended monitors person 75 Hz framework rates, truthful getting a 100 Hz framework complaint astatine this value level is very welcome.

Samsung Essential Monitor S3 (S33GC)

Samsung Essential Monitor S3 (S33GC)

Other surface specs includes 250 nits brightness, an IPS sheet pinch 16.7M colors for illustration a bully tablet display, some HDMI and Display Ports, and a USB-A port.

The astir useful features are AMD FreeSync, TÜV certification, and preset modes modes for illustration Game Mode.

The only point it lacks successful my sentiment is simply a tallness adjustable stand. But nan guidelines has a tilt function, and besides supports VESA mounting connected nan back, truthful it tin beryllium attached to a show limb alternatively for those who for illustration to cleanable up nan table aliases get conscionable nan cleanable surface perspective alternatively of utilizing a stand.

– Tom Bowen