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Amazon Upgrades The Children’s Tablets Fire HD 10 Kids And Fire HD 10 Kids Pro

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Since Amazon launched nan caller 10.1-inch tablet Fire HD 10 today, that besides meant that nan children’s editions of this tablet has been upgraded too:

So today, Amazon simultaneously announced nan caller Fire HD 10 Kids and nan Fire HD 10 Kids Pro.

The underlying tablet is nan aforesaid tablet, but they are group up otherwise pinch different contented for nan respective property group, and characteristic parental controls.

The Fire HD 10 Kids is intended for 3- to 7-year-olds, while nan Fire HD Kids Pro is intended for 6- to 12-year-olds, pinch nan contented and interface set accordingly.

But nan hardware and tablet specs are nan aforesaid arsenic connected nan normal big type of nan caller Fire HD 10, which intends support for a digitizer pen excessively for nan first clip connected nan Fire HD 10. And a little weight of nan tablet than antecedently too.

The besides characteristic a 3.5mm audio jack truthful that kids tin perceive to nan audio from nan tablet utilizing headphones, if you don’t want to beryllium disturbed by animation toons from nan backseat while driving.

The Kids versions tin beryllium bought pinch choices of driblet safe cases pinch thing from plain bluish aliases pinkish colors, to Disney cases pinch Mickey Mouse.

And Amazon besides continues pinch their argumentation of free replacements for 2 years for these Kids tablets, successful lawsuit nan first tablet should break successful an accident.

But nan tablets are good designed for children, including non-slip texture connected nan cases, protective bumper cases, tablet stands, and cases that enactment for illustration ample bezels, which intends that nan tablets are easy to clasp and drawback for nan mini hands of a child.

– Tom Bowen