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ArcSight Siem Architecture | Medium Media

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The ArcSight SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) architecture is an elaborate information model that speculates connected gathering, assessing, and processing security-related information distributed crossed nan endeavor web infrastructure. 

Indeed, nan full ArcSight operates arsenic a strategy of centralized consolidation which focuses connected ample volumes of information coming from a number of systems to observe and respond to information incidents immediately. 

To understand ArcSight SIEM architecture, let’s delve into its components and their functions:

  • Data Collection Layer:

It is simply a patient guidelines of nan ArcSight SIEM that gathers security-related activity information from different sources crossed nan network. Rather than these assets, a web mightiness beryllium comprised of devices specified arsenic web devices, servers, firewalls, intrusion discovery systems (IDS), anti-virus solutions and galore others. Connectors and parsers acting arsenic data-gathering agents will beryllium deployed to talk pinch a assortment of sources and extract information events of a peculiarly perchance threatening nature. 

  • Normalization and Parsing:

The adjacent measurement is capturing and formatting nan earthy information arena data. Normalization standardizes nan information format and nan information structure, and it provides consistency and compatibility assurance for analysis. Parsing present intends taking basal accusation from nan information earthy and past sorting them based connected nan fixed subcategories. At this point, nan information expert parses nan information obtained from nan different sources for meticulous findings. 

  • Storage Layer:

If information is analyzed and formatted successful compliance pinch nan information arena information standards, it is usually saved successful a secured database that is called either an arena database aliases a information lake. The history retention furniture is simply a communal area for storing humanities information information and intends that organizations do not person to delete ample amounts of information but tin clasp and analyse volumes of accusation astatine will. The retention strategy has been put successful spot pinch relationship scalability and precocious readiness needs successful mind truthful that being capable to entree information information arsenic promptly arsenic imaginable will beryllium assured. Know much astir it pinch Arcsight Online Training.

  • Correlation Engine: 

The relationship motor is nan brain, aliases nan heart, of ArcSight SIEM, nan entity that draws together nan patterns, trends, and deviations crossed nan information arena logs. As a cross-correlation of accusation from various sources is performed, and analyzable algorithms are applied, nan relationship motor is tin of detecting nan subtle cyber threats that tin different negociate to evade individual information systems. Correspondingly, it tin link meanings of individual factors to create onslaught paths aliases unveil insider risks. 

  • Alerting and Notification:

The relationship motor is responsible for generating alerts based connected nan relationship of incidents aliases anomalies, which subsequently alerts information management aliases personnel. The alerts are an contiguous glimpse into nan possibilities for nan attack, giving organizations clip to enactment and forestall apt scenarios. Alerts are customized connected nan ground of severity levels; therefore, services tin beryllium prioritized putting nan highest concerns for nan organization’s information astatine nan apical of nan list.  

  • Investigation and Forensics:

SIEM ArcSight provides nan technologies and nan intends to analyse cases of information incidents among information analysts. Security specialists tin dive deeper and analyse nan incidence of events arsenic good arsenic analyse different linked information and transportation retired a forensic study to find nan grade and ramifications of specified breaches. This investigative functionality is nan backbone of incident consequence and post-incident study arsenic it helps nan organizations recognize what went incorrect and bespeak upon it. 

  • Reporting and Compliance:

ArcSight SIEM provides beardown reporting functionality for performing regular audits and fulfilling ineligible requirements pinch respect to compliance. Companies tin nutrient reports that encompass various information events, patterns and nan position of compliances. These reports are of precocious value arsenic they show that nan statement is moving successful compliance pinch manufacture metrics and moving is done to find retired nan information loopholes. 

  • Integration and Extensibility:

ArcSight SIEM is configured to harvester and merge efficaciously pinch different information measures and technologies utilized successful nan organization, improving its capacity and ratio successful itself arsenic good arsenic extending its scope crossed its information systems. By utilizing threat intelligence feeds and EDR solutions world organizations tin now entree much information sources and put them astatine a use by responding to threats automatically. 

  • User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA):

ArcSight SIEM tin push UEBA (>User and Entity Behavior Analytics) successful nan consciousness that an effort to observe nan behaviors of individuals and entities wrong nan web situation will beryllium made. Through search personification access, usage, and deviations successful behavior, UEBA tin find which accounts are compromised, and place what information risks will travel arsenic a consequence of unauthorized activity. UEBA integration into ArcSight SIEM improves nan level of threat discovery and provides nan anticipation to workout nan respective mitigation earlier a information incident occurs. 

  • Threat Intelligence Integration:

ArcSight SIEM is capable to put to usage threat intel feeds from morganatic sources that are beneficial to intelligence and detection. ArcSight SIEM employs information sharing and practice pinch outer verifications to defy threats utilizing IOCs, compromising indicators, and known malicious IP addresses. Blending nan threat intelligence into nan appraisal creates an situation wherever entities tin find nan alerting signs and woody pinch cyber breaches earlier they go an issue. 

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence:

Exceptionally, precocious instrumentality learning and artificial intelligence mathematics are implemented into ArcSight SIEM  to make threat discovery and decision-making much powerful. These AI algorithms mesh together to autonomously analyse information arena data, observe out-of-ordinary behaviour patterns, and accommodate caller threats arsenic clip passes by. Machine learning and AI springiness ArcSight SIEM nan anticipation to enactment connected apical of its crippled and statesman to outperform different accepted information systems acknowledgment to their expertise to incessantly amended nan accuracy of discovery and resoluteness some known and chartless information threats.  

  • Scalability and Performance Optimization:

During nan proliferation of information arena data, server-centric architectures are incapable to grip this, but nan horizontal scaling and Versatility of ArcSight SIEM Architecture guarantee it competes successful this role. Distributed processing nodes and load-balancing exertion supply optimum functionality and assets depletion evenly, eliminating bottlenecks and overloading scenarios. Scalability capabilities are frankincense a cleanable fresh for organizations that want to summation their ArcSight SIEM deployment infrastructure without having to alteration their information monitoring needs.

  • Compliance and Audit Trail: 

The strategy ArcSight SIEM sets audit trails and compliance reports connected record for objection of regulatory compliance and information policies. The readiness of an activity way enables nan strategy administrator to position a broad database of activities specified arsenic authentication, configuration, and information situations. Compliance reports archive controls of information measures linked to modular rules and regulations, allowing for appraisal arsenic good arsenic auditing of soul aliases outer organizations.  

  • Incident Response Orchestration:

ArcSight SIEM is capable to do that and tin beryllium utilized successful an orchestrated measurement truthful this streamlines incident consequence workflows and assists successful maximum incident mitigation. Integration pinch incident consequence platforms and work guidance devices lets ArcSight SIEM products make nan consequence actions automated aliases trigger quality involution by information experts. Cyber incident consequence orchestration, by kindness of its expertise to little consequence clip and alteration nan damages to nan statement successful lawsuit of a information breach, is simply a cardinal cadre of cyber defense.  

  • Continuous Monitoring and Threat Hunting:

ArcSight SIEM incorporates screening monitors astir nan timepiece and regular IT experts to combat threats immediately. Security analysts tin transportation retired scanning and searching.  They tin hunt for events that create uncertainty astir information weaknesses and for indicators of discuss (IOCs).  They tin besides hunt for caller kinds of threats emerging. Constant monitoring and threat hunting thief to adhd up nan responsive proviso of threat discovery capacities and guarantee that nan organizations themselves tin spot and region threats wholly earlier they tin worsen. 

  • Cloud Integration and Hybrid Deployment:

These features of ArcSight SIEM architecture guarantee that nan organizations tin support monitoring nan information not only complete their ain infrastructure, but besides connected unreality platforms and hybrid environments, frankincense allowing them to standard and set nan deployment easily. Assimilation of cloud-native information solutions and API relationship ensures that ArcSight SIEM tin stitchery and analyse information arena information from nan unreality environment, instrumentality and serverless environments. Cloud integration which encompasses each nan places of information successful analyzable IT networking models guarantees visibility and security.

  • Network Traffic Analysis: 

Along pinch EC collection, ArcSight SIEM tin besides incorporated web postulation study functions to spot and replay web postulation for different aliases malicious violations’ indications. Through monitoring of web postulation patterns, nan malware behavior, and nan payloads too, ArcSight SIEM is capable to spot suspicious activity which points to network-based attacks specified arsenic malware infection, bid and power (C2) communication, and information exfiltration attempts.  

  • User Identity and Access Management:

Data information measures, specified arsenic ArcSight SIEM, incorporated IAM components to oversee personification identities on pinch entree authority and privileges wrong nan network. It tin found nan causal links among these information to output detected unauthorized access, privilege escalation, and nan malicious activities of insiders. IAM integration narrows down information visibility and gives managerial authority regarding who is allowed to which resource.  

  • Vulnerability Management Integration:

ArcSight SIEM tin merge pinch vulnerability guidance solutions to underpin nan discourse of information information events pinch accusation astir known authorities vulnerabilities and package weaknesses. Accordingly, rectifying specified information incidents connected to little safeguarded systems aliases applications is simply a signifier for prioritizing remedying efforts and a preventative mode against exploitation risks. Vulnerability guidance integration leads to an accrued consequence appraisal capacity and prioritization arsenic good arsenic vulnerabilities. 

  • Behavioral Analytics and Anomaly Detection:

ArcSight SIEM utilizes behavioral analytics and anomaly detection-based techniques to place deviations from nan norm characterized by nan emblematic and normal behaviour seen successful nan network. Upon mounting nan communal shape for users, devices, and applications, ArcSight SIEM tin spot nan overseas activities that awesome imaginable information threats for illustration unlikable logon patterns, information entree behaviors, and strategy alterations. This behavioral study allows for higher threat discovery accuracy and successful move decreases nan number of mendacious positives.  

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Integration:

ArcSight SIEM is moving pinch DLP/Data Loss Prevention solutions that thief successful validation and stopping of information occurring from nan inside. By involving nan occurrence of information nonaccomplishment prevention argumentation violations and information entree logs successful nan information arena information, ArcSight SIEM will spot imaginable occurrences of information breaches, insider threats, and breaching compliance regulations. By integrating DLP, organizations tin build up their information protection capacity and astatine nan aforesaid time, trim nan consequence of immoderate delicate accusation leaks. 

  • Forensic Analysis and Evidence Collection:

ArcSight SIEM characteristic allows for moving remediation actions and anti-forensics prevention which mightiness beryllium required by ineligible entities successful lawsuit of incident investigation and ineligible requests. With SIEM, information analysts tin employment forensic devices that are integrated into nan systems alongside communal workflows utilized for incident information purposes specified arsenic log files, web captures, and representation dumps. Forensic study is what we usage successful our responses to specified incidents, arsenic good arsenic investigation of nan incident’s guidelines origin and post-incident analysis. 

  • Secure Communication and Encryption:

ArcSight SIEM tin beryllium configured successful specified a measurement that nan transmission of information is going to beryllium secured and will beryllium safe while successful their storage. TLS/SSL encryption technologies are applied to connection protocols that are commonly utilized to encrypt nan information transmitted betwixt nan elements of nan ArcSight SIEM architecture system, making it nary longer imaginable to intercept nan postulation for eavesdropping aliases to modify nan postulation for malicious activities. Encryption is utilized not conscionable to unafraid stored information successful nan arena database aliases contented reservoir but besides to forestall immoderate unauthorized access.  

  • Customization and Extensibility:

However, ArcSight SIEM besides provides customization and extendibility which intends that it adapts to nan information needs and operational flows of companies, arsenic peculiar arsenic they whitethorn be. Dashboards, customized reports and alerts tin beryllium group up to grip immoderate specified cases and compliance requirements successful particular. Moreover, nan Chord Catalyst SIEM tin besides beryllium tailored to circumstantial needs by processing civilization connectors, parsers, and relationship rules to complement it pinch proprietary systems aliases different 3rd statement solutions.  

  • Training and Knowledge Sharing:

ArcSight SIEM training involves devices for illustration in-built resources, documentation, and knowledge sharing platforms to empower information professionals to person nan knowledge and skills basal to return advantage and afloat utilize its capabilities. Training programs, various courses of certification, and online communities thief a information expert aliases administrator to summation its ratio for ArcSight SIEM deployment, configuring and running. Indulgence successful nan civilization of knowledge sharing leads to nan pooling of ideas and really champion to behaviour cybersecurity operations. This yet results successful nan betterment of nan full system, arsenic they stock nan champion practices to amended security.


Overall, ArcSight SIEM architecture is simply a analyzable multi-functional model that allows for nan postulation of data, analysis, correlation, alerting, investigation, and reporting functions to guarantee complete information monitoring and meticulous threat detection. Through consolidation and contextualization of information information from different sources, ArcSight SIEM offers organizations this proactive capacity of recognizing and responding to cyber threats, which importantly helps to mitigate nan consequence of breaches and sphere captious assets.