Bellroy Tokyo Folio 8″ Padded Sleeves With Zipper Released For 8-Inch Tablets | Medium Media

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Bellroy has conscionable released a caller smaller type of zipped sleeve for 8-inch tablets, including nan 8.3-inch iPad mini and different tablets a small larger than conscionable 8 inches:

They telephone this caller sleeve nan Bellroy Tokyo Folio 8″ and it’s launching for $119 successful either raven achromatic aliases large wind gray.

What we get present are 2 padded sleeves, soul pockets for mini worldly for illustration earbuds, representation cards, USB sticks, and keys, arsenic good arsenic room for tablet and smartphone cables and chargers.

Bellroy Tokyo Folio

Bellroy Tokyo Folio

There’s a dedicated pen holder successful nan middle, for either a regular pen aliases a digitizer pen.

But considering that nan Bellroy Tokyo Folio really ships pinch a mini analogue notebook, complete pinch nan small Bellroy owl logo, a regular pen mightiness beryllium useful to transportation too.

And connected nan extracurricular of it, there’s an further speedy pouch for a smartphone aliases in installments cards, truthful nan creation seems beautiful smart and tin clasp a batch of things astatine once.

Bellroy is utilizing some waterproof nylon, polyester, and existent leather successful their sleeves, and nan premium leather is moreover golden rated by nan Leather Working Group for its biology standards.

– Tom Bowen