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Amazon officially kicked disconnected their Black Friday play coming connected November 17, 1 week earlier nan existent Black Friday connected November 24.

And that intends 1 week of tablet deals too, since immoderate of these tablets will beryllium connected waste for a full week, specified arsenic Amazon’s Fire tablets, while different tablets will only beryllium connected waste for a constricted time.

One of nan very champion deals present are for nan marque caller Fire HD 10 that launched past month, which has gone connected waste for nan first time, from $139 to conscionable $79 for Black Friday week. So it will beryllium reliable to hit this tablet deal. And since nan Fire HD 10 now has pen support too, location are besides Black Friday waste connected bundle pinch either past pen aliases nan keyboard.

Black Friday Tablet Deals

But nan remainder of Fire tablets are connected waste astatine their maximum debased prices for Black Friday week too, including Fire 7 for $39, Fire HD 8 for $59, and nan 11-inch Fire Max 11 which besides supports some digitizer pen and keyboard, for $149.

All of Amazon’s Fire Kdis and Fire Kids Pro tablets are connected waste too, pinch nan aforesaid ample scope of contented and warranties arsenic erstwhile they are not connected sale.

And since we support way of tablet prices connected Tabletmonkeys, we tin corroborate that location are moreover much tablets pinch caller grounds debased prices starting today. These are:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Refresh (SM-P613) exemplary connected waste for $199 for nan first clip ever.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 & S8+ person been trim by $200 and $300 respectively.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite launched for $159, was connected waste for $119, and is now trim to $99.

Google Pixel Tablet w/ Speaker Dock trim to a grounds debased $399, which is moreover $100 amended than its first waste during nan Prime sale.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is almost ne'er porperly connected sale, but for Black Friday week it’s discounted to a grounds debased $799 for nan 8GB RAM / 256GB retention type pinch nan Intel Core i5 processor.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE launched conscionable weeks ago, but this 10.9-inch waterproof tablet is connected waste for $399 pinch nan Samsung S Pen included.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+, nan larger 12.4-inch waterproof tablet is besides connected waste for nan first clip aft launch, from $549.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 is connected waste from $799 pinch a $100 gift paper included, truthful nan value is really $699.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ has a akin woody pinch a $100 discount + $100 gift paper successful this peculiar bundle deal.

Lenovo Tab P11 (2nd gen) has been trim to a caller champion value of $184, but this is simply a constricted clip deal, truthful it won’t past each week.

Other Black Friday week tablet deals includes:

Lenovo’s 8-inch Lenovo Tab M8 (4th Gen) astatine $69.

The 9-inch Anroid tablet Lenovo Tab M9 pinch free foldable folio screen included for $104.

The 10.6-inch Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd gen) for $139.

Even nan 10.1-inch Teclast P40HD tablet we reviewd past week is connected waste for $119.

Doogee’s Helio G99 powered 11-inch underdog Doogee T30 pro is trim to $263.

All iPads use from Black Friday Week discounts too. With nan iPad 10 we person nan prime betwixt a grounds debased value of $349, aliases it tin beryllium bought connected waste $403 pinch 2 years of Apple Care. So that’s a bully deal.

Samsung’s 10.5-inch quad speaker tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is connected waste for $149.

And nan 11-inch TCL Nxtpaper 11 is trim to $229.

We’ll update if caller tablet deals goes online.

– Tom Bowen