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Harman Kardon which is 70 years this year, has conscionable released nan Harman Kardon Luna, a compact but awesome sounding wireless Bluetooth speaker that fits discreetly into astir spaces pinch pairing from tablets, smartphones, laptops, and immoderate other you whitethorn person that transmits done Bluetooth.

It’s been compared to nan JBL Charge 5 that came retired astir 2 years ago, though nan audio is considered a notch supra it successful position of clarity, and it besides has little of a statement speaker creation and consciousness to it. But nan creation still speaks of of this intelligibly being a Bluetooth speaker. With speedy entree to nan power buttons connected apical of it.

Instead of being gangly and round, it was made to fresh underneath machine monitors, up on walls, adjacent to laptops, connected a java table, astir nan agency and truthful on, without getting successful nan measurement for illustration immoderate Bluetooth speaker inadvertently do.

Harman Kardon Luna

Harman Kardon Luna

Specs wise, nan Luna features 2-way stereo speakers up to 25W pinch a 48x90mm woofer and 20mm tweeter, featuring a 60Hz – 20kHz wave response. So thing from jazz to techno, classical to pop, should each person adjacent chance to sound nan measurement it was intended.

The 4800 mAh artillery has a 12 hr rated artillery life, which charges via nan USB-C cablegram it ships with. It charges afloat successful 2.5 hours pinch 3A charging.

The wireless specs are Bluetooth 5.3 and it supports paring pinch 2 subordinate devices simultaneously, which could lead to immoderate funny scenarios. It besides supports nan pairing of 2 Luna speaks astatine nan aforesaid clip to create an moreover wider stereo effect, aliases for nan usage of 2 Lunas successful abstracted rooms.

The weight is 710 grams, since this is simply a particulate and waterproof IP67 rated speaker aft all. But it is conscionable 78mm high. The colour options are some black aliases white, pinch nan motorboat value being $149.

– Tom Bowen