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The precocious released Google Pixel Tablet is getting mixed reviews from users connected Reddit. In a station connected nan r/GooglePixel subreddit, personification u/dvrkstar titled their station “The Pixel Tablet was a regretful purchase,” detailing their disappointments pinch nan device.

The Pixel Tablet was a regretful purchase
byu/dvrkstar inGooglePixel

In nan original post, u/dvrkstar complained that nan 60Hz refresh complaint was a “glaringly obvious” flaw that made nan tablet consciousness slow moreover erstwhile navigating nan UI. They besides recovered nan tablet to beryllium unsuitable for productivity purposes for illustration utilizing Workspace apps for work, noting nan deficiency of accessories for illustration a keyboard aliases stylus. Games were besides described arsenic “literally unplayable” owed to nan refresh rate.

The comments featured a scope of perspectives. Many users chimed successful agreeing nan Pixel Tablet was designed arsenic a causal media depletion device, not a productivity instrumentality for illustration an iPad Pro. As personification u/mlemmers1234 pointed out, “It’s intended usage wasn’t really to beryllium a gaming powerhouse correct from nan start.” Others asked why OP purchased nan tablet if they had done their investigation connected its intended lightweight usage case.

However, immoderate sided pinch nan OP’s criticisms. User u/stevenseven2 based on nan Pixel Tablet is overpriced for its middling specs: “it should beryllium reflected successful nan price. It ought to beryllium 40% cheaper than what it is today.” And u/dextroz called defenders of nan tablet “brainwashed” and said it should costs nary much than $350.

In contrast, galore redditors showed enthusiasm for nan Pixel Tablet. u/Amped_Up_562 enjoys theirs arsenic a room countertop display, while u/brandonsp111 uses it successfully for gaming. Others for illustration its seamless integration pinch their Pixel phones and opportunity it meets their needs arsenic a media depletion and smart location controller device.

So while nan Google Pixel Tablet has its happy customers, immoderate early adopters connected Reddit study important disappointments—especially powerfulness users hoping for much robust capabilities. But its lighter-weight intended uses proceed earning it affirmative feedback arsenic well. The scope of opinions suggests Google’s first tablet introduction has room for betterment but shows immoderate committedness nonetheless.

How astir your opinions for Google Pixel Tablet? I will hold for your comments below.

– Jim Miller

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