Exclusive Leak Of Upcoming Tiny Chrome OS Mini PC Lenovo Chromebox Micro | Medium Media

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Here’s nan first leak of nan Lenovo Chromebox Micro, a mini caller Chromebox mini PC that Lenovo will motorboat successful a not excessively distant future.

It’s powered by an Intel Celeron N4500 processor, truthful it should beryllium comparatively inexpensive erstwhile it launches.

After all, moreover a 17.3-inch ample Chromebook from Asus pinch a Full HD solution screen, Wi-Fi 6, and this Intel Celeron N4500 processor sells for conscionable $249.

Lenovo Chromebox Micro

Lenovo Chromebox Micro

Although, what is peculiar is that while mini PCs pinch Windows tin beryllium beautiful decent successful nan $249 to $299 range, nan Chrome OS mini PCs are not immoderate cheaper than their Windows counterparts, contempt nan truth that Windows mini PCs besides includes a Windows license.

– Tom Bowen