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Google Unveils 15 New Chromebooks for 2024, AI Upgrades for Education | Medium Media

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Google has announced plans to motorboat 15 caller Chromebook laptop models complete nan people of 2024, on pinch artificial intelligence (AI) upgrades for its Workspace for Education package suite.

The moves purpose to supply students and teachers pinch much precocious devices for learning successful nan schoolroom aliases remotely.

upcoming Google Classroom assignments

Upcoming Google Classroom assignments

Of nan 15 upcoming Chromebooks, 6 are tailored for precocious usage by teachers, administrators, and older students pinch demanding workloads.

The different 9 models are designed for elastic “learning anywhere,” whether astatine schoolhouse aliases home. Many of nan caller Chromebooks will utilize post-consumer recycled materials and beryllium easy repairable, Google stated.

The institution besides unveiled Chromebook Plus, a caller premium statement of Chromebooks powered by 13th Gen Intel processors, up to 16GB of RAM, and much storage.

Chromebook Plus devices present up to doubly nan capacity of regular models while retaining information and affordability.

Google is bringing more AI capabilities to its acquisition package arsenic well. New accessibility features successful nan Chrome browser will thief extract matter from PDFs to assistance vision-impaired students.

ChromeOS’s reference mode adds integrated optical characteristic recognition, read-aloud, and statement attraction to item matter while reference aloud.

Natural-sounding text-to-speech voices are besides coming to ChromeOS to perchance improve reference comprehension. In Google Workspace apps for illustration Docs and Sheets, nan Duet AI characteristic will thief teachers trade instruction plans and assignments utilizing AI penning suggestions.

Classroom is gaining nan expertise for teachers to create and stock interactive lessons pinch embedded questions successful YouTube videos. The Google for Education App Hub, which recommends apps that merge pinch Workspace tools, is expanding to much countries and languages this year.

For administrators, Google is enhancing instrumentality guidance and security controls done its Chrome Education Upgrade program. New features for illustration smart fleet notifications and improved argumentation controls purpose to simplify oversight of ample instrumentality deployments.

Endpoint Education Upgrade

Endpoint Education Upgrade

Google besides introduced Endpoint Education Upgrade, which adds robust guidance for Android and iOS devices to complement existing Chromebook controls. For $5 per user, schools tin now negociate their full heterogeneous instrumentality fleet from a unified admin console.

With its slate of caller Chromebooks, AI upgrades, and enhanced IT guidance capabilities, Google intends to make integer learning moreover much effective and accessible successful 2024 and beyond. The announcements align pinch nan company’s continuous attraction connected acquisition exertion innovation.

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– Jim Miller