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How To Get Free Laptops for Low-Income Families in California | Medium Media

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Free Laptop For Low-Income California

Economically disadvantaged families, veterans, students receiving financial assistance, and different individuals tin now get free laptops successful nan authorities of California. 

Our location successful Chico, California, offers affordable systems to eligible individuals nationwide. Want to cognize how? Keep reference to find retired really to use for a free laptop

How To Apply for a Free Laptop for Low-income California?

Step 1:-

  • Ensure your California residency earlier proceeding. Verify eligibility pinch nan Qualification Letter. 

Step 2:-

  • Select a strategy from nan Price Sheet. Make a $40 NON-refundable deposit via in installments aliases debit card, which will beryllium deducted from your last purchase. 

Step 3:-

  • Call 530-895-4175, action 1, to spot your order, providing your 
  • Name 
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Shipping Address
  • Qualifying Program. 

You will beryllium contacted erstwhile your bid is fresh to settee nan remaining equilibrium and put shipment. 

You'll besides person UPS search details. Your bid will beryllium enclosed pinch your paid invoice and credit/debit paper transaction receipts.

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Eligibility for free laptop for Low-income California?

  • Residency of California. You tin usage Microsoft's directory of certified refurbishers to find akin organizations successful your area wherever you tin acquisition a refurbished computer.
  • Participation successful authorities assistance programs for illustration Medicaid aliases nutrient stamp cards. 
  • For California schools wherever much than 75% of students are eligible for free aliases reduced-price lunch, location is an opportunity for immoderate family wrong nan schoolhouse to get a machine strategy – nan full schoolhouse qualifies.

What distinguishes nan PCs disposable astatine CFC arsenic having superior worth compared to offerings from competitors?

Computers bought from CFC travel pinch top-tier package like 

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
  • Microsoft Office Home and Business 
  • Other trusted freeware. 

We supply meticulously selected PC hardware pinch ample support. 

The package bundled pinch each PC featuring Windows 10 Pro unsocial holds a unit worth of complete USD 400 MSRP. Our expertise to procure package from Microsoft astatine bulk prices lets america walk connected nan savings to you!


What kinds of computers are disposable successful your inventory?

We strive to support a accordant action of PCs, predominantly offering HP systems astatine nan infinitesimal (click present to position our value list!). Visit our Facebook page to observe really to get a typical PC astatine a reduced price. 

Is thing other required to commencement utilizing my PC aft purchasing it?

Your complete PC package will see a monitor, nan machine itself, a keyboard, and a pointing device. 

All basal powerfulness and information cables are provided, and laptops travel pinch an AC adapter. If you for illustration a wired rodent complete nan trackpad connected a laptop, you tin petition 1 for an further $5 erstwhile placing your order.

How agelong does it return to person my machine aft purchasing it?

All orders tin beryllium picked up from our agency astatine 411 Otterson Dr #100, Chico, CA 95928. Shipped orders are processed and sent via UPS Ground connected nan aforesaid day, pinch transportation times varying by location. We tin supply search accusation successful your bid confirmation arsenic well.

What costs methods do you accept?

We judge cash, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa cards. We do not judge checks, money orders, aliases immoderate different forms of costs too rate and cards. Please statement that a non-refundable $40 deposit is required to reserve a PC for purchase.

How unafraid is nan costs process?

Security is simply a apical priority; your costs accusation is ne'er stored pinch Computers For Classrooms long-term, and we corroborate transactions pinch you complete nan phone. Card accusation is deleted from our unafraid strategy moments aft being approved.

Can I waste and acquisition successful my aged PC?

Once your one-year warranty expires, you tin waste and acquisition successful your aged PC and acquisition a caller 1 astatine a discounted rate, but only if you return a desktop aliases laptop machine purchased from CFC. We tin transportation your files to nan caller PC truthful you tin usage it immediately!

I've selected my desired PC from nan CFC Price Sheet; really do I spot an order?

To initiate nan bid process, travel nan slug points astatine nan apical of this page! Each measurement will guideline you done contacting Lilia, who will assistance you done nan speedy and easy process.

Where tin I interaction you for accusation not listed connected this page?

You tin scope america by telephone and email for immoderate inquiries. Once nan pandemic ends, we will besides beryllium disposable successful personification for questions. Visit our Contact Us page to get successful touch!