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How to Receive a Free Tablet Using Medicaid in 2024? | Medium Media

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Free Tablet Medicaid

Medicaid, a stalwart authorities program, is providing free tablets to eligible participants successful prime states. The process is straightforward if you're a Medicaid recipient wondering really to unafraid a free authorities tablet. 

This guideline covers everything you request to know—from qualifying and eligibility criteria to required documents and exertion submission.

Read connected to study more!

How To Apply For Free Tablet Medicaid?

Let's research really you tin get a free tablet done Medicaid.

Step 1: Enroll successful nan Medicaid Program. 

Step 2: Next, find nan Lifeline aliases ACP providers successful your authorities offering tablets to Medicaid participants. 

Step 3: Find a supplier that interests you. 

  • Visit their website.
  • Fill retired nan online exertion form. 
  • You’ll request to verify your Medicaid status. Have your impervious ready. 

Step 4: Complete and taxable nan application.

 If your exertion stands out, you’ll person nan tablet straight astatine your doorstep aliases get a voucher.

Eligibility For Free Tablet Medicaid

Requirements tin alteration by state, but present are immoderate modular criteria to thief you find if you qualify:

  • Residency Verification:

-You must reside successful nan authorities wherever you are applying for Medicaid. 

-Income Assessment: 

-You whitethorn suffice if your income falls astatine aliases beneath 135% of nan national poorness level. 

  • Citizenship Status:

-Available to U.S. citizens, and successful immoderate cases, qualified non-citizens, whitethorn besides beryllium eligible.

  • State-Specific Requirements: Each authorities whitethorn person further criteria based on 


-pregnancy status

-parental status. 

Visit and complete their online exertion shape to find your eligibility.

Free Tablet Medicaid (2)

Documents You Need For Free Tablet Medicaid

Let's talk nan basal documents needed to unafraid that free tablet done Medicaid. 

  • Proof of Identity:You request documents like:


state ID

-driver's license

-U.S. subject ID for subject personnel. 

  • Proof of Residential Address:

-State ID aliases tribal ID pinch your reside is ideal. 

-A caller inferior measure for energy aliases h2o will besides suffice if your ID needs this information.

  • Proof of Income: Documents specified as:

– Your taxation return 

-Recent paycheck stub

-A Social Security connection of benefits 

Alternative Methods for Accessing Free Technology via Medicaid

Certain states person initiatives that offer:

  • No-cost smartphones
  • Complimentary laptops
  • Reduced-price net access

Contact your state's Medicaid agency aliases sojourn their charismatic website for much accusation connected these programs.

Which tablets tin I person for free done Medicaid?

Interested successful uncovering retired which free tablets you tin get pinch Medicaid? Read on!

Tablet Front Camera Back Camera Storage
KonnectONE Moxee 2MP 5MP 32GB
Apple iPad 4 1.2MP 5MP 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB
Apple iPad Mini 1.2MP 5MP 16GB/32GB/64GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2020 5MP 8MP 32GB/64GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab E 2MP 5MP 16GB/32GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 5MP 13MP 32GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 1.3MP 3MP 16GB
Alcatel Joy Tab 2 2MP 5MP 32GB
Samsung Tab A7 Lite 2MP 8MP 32GB/64GB
Apple iPad 3 0.3MP 5MP 16GB/32GB/64GB
Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus 5MP 8MP 16GB/32GB/64GB

Providers Supplying Free Tablet With Medicaid

QLink Wireless QLink is simply a portion of programs for illustration Lifeline and ACP, and helps low-income participants get a free tablet, and moreover net services for free aliases astatine highly affordable prices. You tin besides get a free SIM paper and different free tech goodies done QLink. Explore nan website for further information.
StandUp Wireless Participate successful nan Medicaid programme to get benefits specified arsenic monthly discounts connected bills and moreover a Medicaid free tablet pinch StandUp Wireless! They are a portion of programs for illustration Lifeline and ACP, offering entree to exertion for low-income families. Explore nan StandUp Wireless website for much information. 
TruConnect Apart from being a portion of programs for illustration Lifeline and ACP, they besides connection freebies and tons of offers for affordable net services for low-income folks. Visit nan TruConnect website for much details. 


1. I heard location are free phones and tablets disposable pinch Medicaid. Is this true?

Absolutely! Some providers see some a telephone and a tablet successful their offerings for eligible Medicaid recipients.

2. What does it mean to get a free Medicaid tablet?

Medicaid partners pinch aggregate work providers to connection free tablets to qualifying members, aiming to adjacent nan integer spread and guarantee connectivity for everyone.

3. Where tin I find a supplier offering a Medicaid free tablet adjacent me?

Many work providers person devices for illustration “location finders” aliases “store locators” connected their websites. You tin find adjacent providers offering free tablets by entering your ZIP code.