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Chinese smartphone shaper iQOO is reportedly readying to motorboat a caller 8.8-inch high-performance Android tablet successful 2024, according to leaks from manufacture insider Digital Chat Station.

The leaker claims nan tablet will get “later than nan vivo Pad 3” which is expected successful 2023, targeting a motorboat successful Q2 2024. This would people iQOO’s 2nd tablet offering, pursuing nan motorboat of nan 12.1-inch iQOO Pad earlier this year.

(More astir nan leaker: 数码闲聊站 (Digital Chat Station) is simply a celebrated Chinese tablet, smartphone, and PC leaker pinch a very precocious reliability)

Rumor astir iQOO 8.8 inches tablet connected Weibo

Rumor astir iQOO 8.8 inches tablet connected Weibo

Details stay slim astir nan rumored 8.8-inch iQOO tablet, but it is described arsenic a “high-performance flagship” model. This indicates it will apt characteristic premium creation and specifications to compete pinch nan champion tablets connected nan market.

The existing iQOO Pad packs awesome hardware for illustration a 144Hz precocious refresh complaint display, Dimensity 9000+ chipset, and ample 10,000 mAh battery. Fans tin expect moreover amended capacity and features connected this mysterious caller compact tablet.

An 8.8-inch shape facet would make nan slate smaller than Apple’s guidelines iPad astatine 10.2-inches, perfect for enhanced portability. The tablet conception has seen a maturation successful compact “mini” tablets recently, catering to those wanting apical specs without nan ample screen.

For now iQOO is staying silent connected immoderate specified tablet plans. But pinch nan root proving meticulous previously, location whitethorn beryllium immoderate truth to this 2024 motorboat rumor. We’ll support an oculus retired for much leaks successful nan coming months regarding iQOO’s rumored flagship tablet.