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Is Destiny Cross Platform Or Cross Play? [2024 Updated] | Medium Media

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Destiny is simply a free-to-play action role-playing first-person shooter crippled developed and published by Bungie. Players return connected nan domiciled of a Guardian, a warrior chosen by nan Traveler to take sides humanity from nan Darkness.Destiny

Is Destiny Cross platform?

Yes, Destiny has been cross-platform since May 2021. This intends that players tin play together sloppy of whether they are playing connected a PC, PlayStation, Xbox, aliases Stadia.

Xbox One and PS4/PS5

Destiny tin beryllium played betwixt Xbox One and PS4/PS5. Guardians connected Xbox One tin subordinate fireteams and play pinch Guardians connected PS4 aliases PS5 seamlessly.

PS4 and PS5

Destiny is afloat cross-play betwixt PS4 and PS5. Guardians connected PS4 tin subordinate fireteams and play pinch Guardians connected PS5 without immoderate limitations.

Destiny PS4 and PS5

PC and PS4/PS5

Destiny is cross-play betwixt PC and PS4/PS5. PC Guardians tin squad up and play pinch Guardians connected PS4 aliases PS5 for an expanded multiplayer experience.

PC and Xbox One

Destiny is besides cross-play betwixt PC and Xbox One. PC Guardians tin subordinate fireteams and play pinch Guardians connected Xbox One, breaking down level barriers.

Destiny PC and Xbox One

Cross-Generation and Cross-Progression In Destiny

Destiny’s attack to cross-generation and cross-progression is arsenic restrictive. Players cannot transportation their crippled advancement aliases characters betwixt different platforms.

Moreover, nan absence of cross-generation support intends that players utilizing different generations of consoles wrong nan aforesaid marque cannot play together, further fragmenting nan subordinate base.

This limitation not only restricts subordinate mobility but besides impacts nan semipermanent engagement of players who mightiness move platforms aliases upgrade their hardware.

Is Destiny Split-Screen?

Destiny besides does not connection a split-screen feature, meaning players cannot stock a surface to play nan crippled together. This limitation affects nan section multiplayer experience, arsenic it requires abstracted consoles and accounts for each player.

The deficiency of a split-screen mode highlights nan game’s attraction connected individual gaming experiences alternatively than section co-op gameplay.

Is Destiny Split-Screen?


In conclusion, Destiny, arsenic of 2023, remains confined wrong platform-specific boundaries, not supporting cross-platform, cross-generation, aliases split-screen play. This restricts players to their circumstantial hardware, limiting nan game’s imaginable for a broader, much interconnected community.

The gaming world awaits immoderate early updates that mightiness break these barriers and unify Destiny players crossed different platforms.


When will Destiny beryllium cross-platform?

There is nary confirmed day for erstwhile Destiny will beryllium cross-platform. While Bungie has acknowledged nan community’s liking successful this feature, nary charismatic plans person been announced. The uncertainty leaves players speculating and hoping for early developments.

Can I play Destiny pinch my friends if they person a different platform?

No, currently, you cannot play Destiny pinch friends connected a different level owed to nan deficiency of cross-platform support. This limitation intends that players are confined to interacting only pinch those connected nan aforesaid gaming platform.

Can I transportation my advancement from 1 level to another?

No, Destiny does not support cross-progression, truthful players cannot transportation their advancement betwixt platforms. This intends that immoderate achievements, characteristic development, and crippled advancement are strictly tied to nan original level connected which they were earned.

Can I play Destiny split-screen?

No, Destiny does not connection a split-screen feature, restricting players to individual consoles and accounts for multiplayer gameplay. This absence of section co-op play highlights nan game’s attraction connected individualized online experiences.

What are nan limitations of not having cross-platform play successful Destiny?

The deficiency of cross-platform play successful Destiny results successful a fragmented subordinate base, limits societal relationship among friends utilizing different platforms and restricts nan game’s organization growth.

It besides impacts players’ elasticity and prime successful position of level selection, thereby affecting nan wide gaming experience.