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Kindle Scribe VS Remarkable 2 

I precocious upgraded from my reMarkable 2 e-tablet to a Kindle Scribe. The Scribe addresses respective issues pinch nan reMarkable 2 and suits my needs better. This station will talk really I usage nan Kindle Scribe and comparison it to nan reMarkable 2.

Like nan Kindle, nan Kindle Scribe features an e-ink show and is designed for usage pinch a stylus, positioning itself arsenic a insubstantial replacement akin to nan reMarkable 2.

While nan reMarkable 2 was functional for my purposes, it fell short successful definite areas, particularly erstwhile reference PDFs of world articles, moreover text-only ones.

 The deficiency of a backlight was a awesome drawback, making reference difficult successful low-light conditions and moreover successful normal lighting owed to mediocre and non-adjustable contrast. The Kindle Scribe resolves this issue.

Moreover, nan Kindle Scribe provides entree to nan Kindle store, allowing you to publication galore books.

What issues do I want to address?

Surpassing my trusty iPad Pro, nan Surface Laptop Studio 2 has go my main instrumentality for note-taking acknowledgment to its clever folding creation and fantabulous stylus. 

However, nan Surface Laptop Studio 2 isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. In definite areas, it falls short, prompting maine to move backmost to my iPad Pro occasionally.

  • It's somewhat heavy, moreover much truthful than nan 13″ iPad Pro, which galore group already find excessively dense for handwritten notes.
  • The artillery life could beryllium better, lasting only astir 2-3 hours, which is insufficient for a afloat time of meetings.
  • It's easy to get distracted by notifications and different apps connected nan device.

How does nan Kindle Scribe reside these issues?

The Kindle Scribe addresses these issues successful nan pursuing ways:

  • Lightweight: Weighing 433 grams (28 grams heavier than nan reMarkable 2) and measuring 5.8 mm heavy (1.1 mm thicker than nan reMarkable 2), nan Kindle Scribe is still importantly lighter than my 13″ iPad Pro, which weighs 682 grams (1.5 pounds) and is 5.9 mm thick. This makes it comfortable to publication successful bed, which I do often.
  • Long Battery Life: The Kindle Scribe boasts awesome artillery life, requiring a complaint only erstwhile a week.
  • Minimal Distractions: The Kindle Scribe doesn't bombard maine pinch notifications, and its limited, hidden browser reduces distractions. However, nan browser allows relationship to captive networks, specified arsenic those successful hotels, which was a situation pinch nan reMarkable 2. Previously, I often utilized my phone's hotspot to transportation notes from nan reMarkable 2. While I haven't traveled pinch nan Kindle Scribe yet, it will beryllium easier to link to captive networks.

What are nan uses of nan Kindle Scribe?

I person been utilizing nan Kindle Scribe for nan pursuing purposes:

  • Academic Paper Reading and Annotation: This was my superior goal, and nan Kindle Scribe excels, whereas nan reMarkable 2 fell short owed to its deficiency of opposition and backlight. One rumor pinch nan Kindle Scribe, akin to nan reMarkable, is its 10.3″ screen, which is smaller than A4 paper, requiring maine to publication papers successful scenery mode and scroll. I tin constitute notes straight connected nan PDF and item sections, pinch nan highlights saved successful a matter record called “My Clippings.”
  • Reading Books: A important advantage of nan Kindle Scribe complete nan reMarkable 2 is entree to my Kindle library. While immoderate books still require my iPad, astir are perfectly readable connected nan Scribe, which has helped maine summation my reading.
  • Journaling: I move to my Kindle Scribe for astir of my journaling needs, uncovering its penning acquisition mostly pleasant.  While nan reMarkable offers a much paper-like feel, nan Scribe's smoothness isn't a dealbreaker, surpassing nan penning acquisition connected some nan iPad and Surface Laptop Studio. Adjusting nan default pen to ‘marker' aliases ‘fountain pen' has further enhanced my Kindle Scribe journaling experience.
  • Note-taking successful Meetings: I return nan Kindle Scribe to meetings, which helps maine attraction better. Importing notes later is easy; you tin scan them and email them to yourself if you request to see them successful an email.
  • Writing Down Ideas: I usage nan Kindle Scribe to jot down ideas, overmuch for illustration I did pinch nan reMarkable. The Scribe is easier to usage successful low-light conditions, specified arsenic erstwhile my kids watch a movie successful nan surviving room.

Kindle Scribe VS Remarkable 2 (2)

What are nan drawbacks?

Here are immoderate of nan drawbacks:

  • Templates: While nan Kindle Scribe shines pinch its penning experience, its template action needs to beryllium improved. The reMarkable 2 genuinely impressed maine pinch its subtle dotted template, cleanable for ray guidance. In contrast, nan Scribe's dotted template overdoes it pinch ample dots, making maine default to blank pages astir of nan time. To make matters worse, nan reMarkable 2 boasts galore downloadable templates, including nan Cornell Notes system, which I person yet to find disposable connected nan Kindle Scribe.
  • Size: The 10″ surface is simply a spot mini for reference PDFs. I publication galore world papers connected it, and while it's easier successful scenery mode, it requires scrolling, akin to my acquisition pinch nan reMarkable 2.
  • Writing Experience: This is subjective, but nan penning acquisition isn't arsenic bully arsenic connected nan reMarkable 2. The reMarkable 2 feels much for illustration paper, whereas nan Kindle Scribe feels a spot slippery. However, it's still overmuch amended than penning connected nan iPad aliases Surface Laptop Studio.
  • Drawing Mode: On nan reMarkable, holding nan pen for a fewer seconds switches to drafting mode for creating shapes. I utilized this characteristic often to tie boxes and arrows. The Kindle Scribe lacks this feature, truthful I person to tie shapes by hand, which is challenging pinch my constricted drafting skills.
  • No Page Turn Buttons: The Scribe relies connected touchscreen navigation for turning pages, which useful good for me. However, those accustomed to beingness buttons connected Kindles mightiness want to see this difference.


It is overmuch easier to urge nan Kindle Scribe complete nan reMarkable 2 for astir users. Not only does nan Scribe reside much issues, but it's besides much affordable. I purchased my Kindle Scribe pinch a premium pen for $299, whereas nan reMarkable 2 tin costs up to $429. 

While nan materials utilized successful nan Kindle Scribe consciousness little premium than nan reMarkable 2, it offers much storage, a backlight, and entree to nan Kindle store. From a applicable standpoint, nan Kindle Scribe is nan superior prime for astir people.

Opting for nan Kindle Scribe alternatively could beryllium worthwhile if you're considering upgrading your regular Kindle. It's well-suited for reference world papers and books and taking notes connected them. Additionally, it serves arsenic a awesome replacement for Moleskines and loose insubstantial sheets.