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Lenovo has started moving connected and testing nan upcoming Android 14 updates for their Android tablets for a mates of weeks now.

So I thought it was clip for america to people a database of what Lenovo tablets will beryllium eligible for an upgrade to Android 14.

Unfortunately, 1 of nan absorbing Lenovo tablets, nan Lenovo Tab P12 Pro won’t person Android updates aft nan Android 13 update that’s been rolling retired this quarter.

Android 14 Updates For Lenovo Tablets

But present are nan Lenovo tablets that will get Android 14 updates:

Lenovo Tab Extreme, Lenovo’s largest Android tablet will beryllium updated to Android 14 successful nan first 4th of 2024.

Lenovo Tab P12, nan 12.7-inch tablet that was precocious released successful nan US for a debased value will get nan Android 14 update successful Q2 2024.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro (2nd Gen) will besides person its Android 14 update adjacent twelvemonth astatine an arsenic of yet chartless month.

Lenovo Tab P11 (2nd Gen) is nan last Lenovo Android tablet connected nan US marketplace coming that will beryllium treated to Android 14 adjacent twelvemonth too, besides astatine an chartless month. But it will rotation retired OTA successful 2024.

– Tom Bowen