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Microsoft precocious launched Windows App, a caller centralized hub for accessing Windows desktops, apps, and services hosted successful nan Azure cloud. The move intends to present Windows arsenic a afloat cloud-streamed operating strategy crossed platforms.

Windows App

Windows App

Platform Support

Windows App has autochthonal apps for Windows, macOS, iOS and iPadOS. It tin besides tally connected immoderate desktop browser crossed operating systems, including ChromeOS.

The method request is minimal – conscionable ChromeOS 57 aliases later. This enables unprecedented cross-platform support for streaming Windows.

Key Features

– Unified entree hub: It consolidates access to aggregate Windows streaming options for illustration Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365 Cloud PCs, Remote Desktop Services and distant convention hosts nether 1 roof.

– Customizable location screen: Users tin pin favourite desktops and apps to nan location surface for speedy access. It besides supports easy relationship switching for handling aggregate workspaces.

– Multi-monitor support: Users tin configure aggregate monitors pinch civilization resolutions and move scaling to suit various workloads erstwhile streaming Windows.

– Peripheral redirection: Local webcams, mics, printers, retention devices tin beryllium redirected for readiness successful distant sessions.

– Optimized for Microsoft Teams: Tuned for optimal Microsoft Teams acquisition erstwhile utilizing streamed Windows.

– Touch optimization: Windows 10 and 11 touch gestures are supported for hybrid touch-based devices.

Strategic Significance

The motorboat aligns pinch Microsoft’s soul strategy documents astir moving Windows to nan unreality successful bid to compete amended against “modern” cloud-centric OSes for illustration ChromeOS that predominate business and acquisition markets.

By packaging Windows wrong a tightly integrated streaming acquisition via Windows App alternatively than arsenic a abstracted bolted-on virtualization tool, Microsoft hopes to trim barriers successful adopting cloud-hosted Windows.

This attack helps modulation customers invested successful Windows ecosystem to efficiently usage Windows successful nan cloud.

Nonetheless, purpose-built unreality OSes for illustration ChromeOS clasp inherent advantages from being designed exclusively for unreality alternatively than adapting bequest code.

It remains to beryllium seen whether moving decades aged Windows codification successful nan unreality tin lucifer nan performance, information and simplicity expected from natively cloud-based OSes.

But Windows App opens up Windows streaming to much platforms – a definite competitory hedge for Microsoft against ChromeOS’ growth.

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