New Amazon OS Coming For Fire Tablets And Other Fire Devices From 2024 – Report | Medium Media

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According to tech newsman Janko Roettgers, Amazon will switch their operating strategy Fire OS successful 2024 pinch a non-Android based connected instead, according to his latest report.

The scoop comes pinch Roettgers citing respective sources pinch accusation astir this, arsenic good arsenic confirming it pinch different material, immoderate of which has been public.

So that would mean bye bye to nan thinly Android-based Fire OS that we’ve been utilized excessively connected tablets and different Amazon Fire devices.

At nan infinitesimal nan caller OS sanction is only known by nan task sanction Vega. But based connected nan investigation Roettgers person done, nan improvement now seems to beryllium successful its last stages, truthful we mightiness expect nan caller Amazon OS to rotation retired successful 2024.

And it’s not conscionable for nan Fire tablets, smart hub devices, and Fire TVs either, but for nan automotive conception too.

Amazon is mostly nan world’s 4th largest tablet brand, truthful there’s a batch riding connected this. And Amazon has complete 270 operating strategy related occupation openings astatine nan moment, truthful it’s evident that having everything related to nan OS in-house tin connection a immense use for a institution arsenic ample arsenic Amazon.

A much modern and much businesslike OS, which is easier to update, is much multidevice integrated, and little restrictive for Amazon to build on, are immoderate of nan evident benefits. So it will beryllium nosy to watch nan result of this.

Amazon is besides expanding successful related areas excessively of course, for illustration pinch nan outer broadband Project Kuiper, which is simply a rival to Elon Musk’s Starlink.

And successful September Amazon moreover managed to nab Microsoft’s Surface main merchandise serviceman Panos Panay, wherever he is now starring Amazon’s Devices & Services business, which seems very akin to his main domiciled successful Microsoft. So tons of breathtaking things will create successful this abstraction successful nan adjacent mates of years.

– Jim Miller