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Apple fans whitethorn request to hold until precocious 2023 aliases early 2024 for nan adjacent loop of nan compact iPad Mini tablet, according to revered Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo. But erstwhile it does arrive, nan 7th procreation iPad Mini looks to bring immoderate of nan biggest changes.

I deliberation it's improbable Apple will switch nan iPad mini pinch a foldable iPad successful 2025, which whitethorn beryllium contrary to what immoderate media antecedently predicted. It's because a foldable iPad will person a markedly higher value than an iPad mini, truthful specified a replacement is not reasonable.

— 郭明錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo) December 27, 2022

Headlining nan upcoming refresh is an all-new A16 Bionic processor aliases M1 Chipset.  Moving from nan A15 puts nan iPad Mini’s capacity connected par pinch nan champion of Cupertino for superior multitasking, intensive gaming, and productivity. More powerfulness positive ongoing iPadOS updates should construe to an exceptionally agelong usable lifespan arsenic well.

Matching nan processing punch, Kuo reports upgraded beforehand and rear camera modules are besides slated for nan Mini 7. Details stay uncertain, but fans tin apt expect to spot improvements to nan existent 12MP main and 12MP Ultra Wide FaceTime HD shooters. An iPhone 15-inspired camera array could beryllium utilized to really modernize nan photography capabilities.

iPad mini 6

iPad mini 6

New colour options are powerfully rumored to beryllium successful nan cards too, complementing existing choices for illustration Space Gray, Pink, Purple, and Starlight. The iPad Mini past saw caller colors added backmost successful 2019. Vibrant hues for illustration those introduced for nan 5th gen iPad Air would make an fantabulous addition.

Less breathtaking but still useful changes tipped include nan take of Wi-Fi 6E for faster wireless speeds, an upgrade to Bluetooth 5.3 for accessories and peripherals, and immoderate humble improvements to nan display. That past 1 intends to mitigate an rumor immoderate users spot pinch jagged aliases uneven scrolling successful image mode.

Despite chatter astir a folding show iPad down nan road, Ming-Chi Kuo believes a foldable exemplary won’t switch nan iPad Mini statement owed to prohibitively higher costs.

This suggests nan 7th gen will clasp mostly nan aforesaid beingness creation arsenic today’s iPad Mini 6th generation.

That translates to an 8.3” edge-to-edge Liquid Retina surface flanked by slim bezels and still sporting nan Touch ID powerfulness button. Expect to still spot USB-C alternatively of Lightning for charging and syncing purposes too. Apple Pencil 2 support, compatibility pinch Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio cases, fantabulous artillery life, and much besides look to transportation complete to nan adjacent iteration.

Storage capacity for iPad Mini 7 remains to beryllium seen. While not confirmed, Kuo’s rumors bespeak it could jump to a guidelines of 128GB alternatively than paltry 64GB recovered successful nan entry-level 6th generation. We’ll person to hold and spot if different higher-end retention tiers grow supra nan existent 256GB arsenic well.

Of course, nonstop pricing and readiness specifications won’t look for rather immoderate time. But past iPad Mini launches supply clues connected what to expect. Barring immoderate extremist changes, Apple will apt instrumentality adjacent to nan existing $499- $549starting value point.

And based connected Kuo’s predictions, consumers shouldn’t expect units to vessel earlier precocious 2023 astatine nan very earliest, pinch wide accumulation slated for early nan pursuing year.

Whenever it does deed shop shelves though, nan iPad Mini 7 looks fresh to usher successful nan astir important overhaul seen by Apple’s smallest slate since its awesome redesign backmost successful 2021. For fans of its ultra-portable yet still powerful shape factor, it’ll beryllium good worthy nan wait.

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