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Oppo Pad Air2 Unveiling On November 23 With 2.4K Screen | Medium Media

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We are truthful adjacent to nan motorboat of nan Oppo Pad Air2 that moreover Oppo has started teasing nan tablet themselves.

Oppo confirmed nan sanction of their caller tablet done a trio of teasers wherever this tablet that’s spelled Oppo Pad Air2 will beryllium launched connected November 23rd.

But truthful acold Oppo has only admitted to nan Pad Air2 featuring a 2.4K solution surface pinch oculus attraction features and ambient ray sensor.

Oppo Pad Air 2

Oppo Pad Air 2

It wouldn’t beryllium unheard of that this tablet will beryllium adjacent identical to nan OnePlus Pad Go that was launched by Oppo’s subsidiary successful India conscionable 4 weeks ago.

And nan teaser image suggests truthful excessively erstwhile I study nan design.

If that’s nan case, we whitethorn beryllium capable to expect a 2408 x 1720 solution LCD show pinch a 90 Hz refresh rate, and up to 400 nits brightness.

But since we cognize that Oppo has 2 unreleased tablets successful nan works, we’ll still person to hold for nan confirmation travel Thursday.

Meanwhile, nan OnePlus Pad is now nan latest tablet to beryllium included successful nan Black Friday tablet deals going connected until Friday.

– Jim Miller