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reMarkable 2: The Future of Note-Taking | Medium Media

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Remarkable 2

For nan champion penning and sketching acquisition connected an E Ink screen, nan reMarkable 2 stands out. It's besides 1 of nan best-looking tablets I've tested. However, without beforehand lighting, it's only usable during nan time aliases pinch room lights on, limiting its usability arsenic an e-reader. This constricted usage makes its precocious value difficult to justify.

SoftwareCodex (Linux-based)
Screen size10.3 inches
Resolution226ppi (1872 x 1404 dots)
Processor1.2GHz dual-core ARM
File supportPDF and EPUB only
ConnectivityWi-Fi, USB-C
Display type2nd procreation Canvas (modified E Ink display)
Water protectionNone
Dimensions188 x 246 x 4.7 mm (7.4 x 9.6 x 0.19 in)
Weight403.5g (0.89 lb)

Brief Overview

Remarkable 2

The reMarkable 2 launched successful March 2020. Despite this, it remains a apical e-paper tablet. The institution has focused connected improving nan second-generation exemplary done firmware updates alternatively than releasing a 3rd version.

When we updated our original 2020 reappraisal successful August 2022, nan reMarkable 2 had already seen important improvements. It had caller features for illustration a archive drawer, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive integration, surface sharing, and notes for PDFs and ebooks.

In December 2022, reMarkable released firmware type 3.0, further enhancing nan tablet and starring america to update nan reappraisal again.

The halfway of nan instrumentality remains nan same, designed for creating and syncing ideas to nan unreality for entree anywhere. The added features complete nan years make it nan champion note-taking tablet available. 

Some newer features I for illustration see checkboxes connected to-do lists that automatically strikethrough tasks, support for nan Type Folio announced successful March 2023, and handwriting-to-text conversion. This accessory turns nan reMarkable 2 into a awesome E Ink laptop, though nan deficiency of a browser limits its use.

The eraser connected nan Marker Plus stylus is now much precise. With nary input lag, it is nan champion e-paper tablet for signing documents. This makes nan reMarkable 2 a awesome integer sketch pad.

This mightiness beryllium nan slimmest and astir elegant 10-inch tablet I've reviewed. The sleek creation is enhanced by nan mini powerfulness fastener and nan silver-grey trim connected 1 side, giving it a premium appearance. I for illustration nan matte decorativeness connected nan rear that hides astir fingerprint smudges and nan mini pads that protect nan backmost panel.

Without a bookstore aliases entree to different applications, nan reMarkable 2 is chiefly for note-taking, and it excels astatine this. Patience and clip are basal to observe each of its useful features. reMarkable has tutorials and guides connected nan instrumentality and online, but they only screen nan basics.

The deficiency of beforehand lighting for nan surface is simply a awesome drawback. This intends you cannot usage it to publication successful furniture pinch nan lights off, which is thing I bask but cannot do pinch nan reMarkable 2.

It is besides an costly device, making it unaffordable for galore users, particularly considering nan costs of accessories for illustration replacement pen nibs.

Pricing and Accessibility

  • Announced successful March 2020.
  • The motorboat value for nan tablet and pen bundle was £399 / AU$679 / $399.
  • The database value pinch nan pen is £379 / AU$618 / $399. In Australia, it is sold arsenic a tablet only for AU$499.

The reMarkable 2 and nan Marker (basic pen) bundle costs AU$618 / £379 / $399. You tin bargain it from third-party authorized retailers aliases straight from nan brand. The Marker Plus bundle, which has an eraser connected nan apical of nan stylus, costs AU$698 / £419 / $449.

At this price, nan tablet whitethorn beryllium a difficult waste for some. It is much costly than nan entry-level iPad, which offers much functionality pinch its colour screen, afloat multimedia support, and App Store access. 

The Amazon Kindle Scribe and nan Kobo Elipsa 2E connection not conscionable note-taking but besides entree to bookstores connected a front-lit screen. They are priced astatine AU$549 / £329 / $339 and AU$629.95 / £349.99 / $399.99, respectively, and person much onboard storage.

For artists and note-takers, nan reMarkable 2 provides a unsocial and focused experience. It does not do arsenic overmuch arsenic Apple's tablet, but what it does, it does incredibly well.

When nan reMarkable 2 launched successful 2020, it was only disposable straight from nan institution arsenic portion of a bundle pinch a Marker (the stylus). This is still nan lawsuit successful nan US and nan UK. However, successful Australia, customers tin acquisition conscionable nan tablet for AU$499. 

The reMarkable 2 useful pinch different capacitive styli, truthful buying nan tablet unsocial and pairing it pinch a cheaper third-party pen mightiness beryllium a much affordable option. However, nan penning acquisition whitethorn not beryllium arsenic good.

Design and Display Quality

Remarkable 2
  • Minimalist, sleek design  
  • Screen lacks lights  
  • Only 4.7mm thickness

Once, nan reMarkable tablet was a unsocial note-taking e-paper device. Now, it faces title from Onyx, Amazon, and Kobo. However, nan reMarkable 2’s creation is still considered nan best. It is 1 of nan astir beautiful e-paper tablets pinch a minimalist look.

Measuring 187 x 246 x 4.7 mm, this tablet is still nan slimmest globally, pinch a weight of 403.5g. It is 30g lighter than nan Amazon Kindle Scribe but a spot heavier than nan Kobo Elipsa 2E astatine 390g.

In existent use, nan weight quality is negligible. Its achromatic bezels and acheronian metallic aluminum framework springiness it a lighter consciousness compared to nan bulkier Kobo. Although nan Kindle Scribe besides has a metallic body, it looks plain adjacent to nan stylish reMarkable 2.

Switching to an aluminum framework from plastic, nan reMarkable 2 tin now usage nan newer keyboard folio, magnetic accessories for illustration snap-on covers.

The backmost sheet has 4 mini rubber feet to forestall slipping erstwhile penning connected a table. A USB-C larboard is connected nan bottommost near corner, and a mini powerfulness fastener is connected nan top-left edge.

The flush surface is simply a 10.3-inch modified monochrome E Ink Carta display, named Canvas by reMarkable. It’s optimized for stylus use.

Boasting a 226ppi resolution, it offers decent sharpness, though it doesn't lucifer up to nan Kindle Scribe's 300ppi E Ink Carta 1200 display. However, it’s easy connected nan eyes, pinch a flimsy clash that feels for illustration penning connected paper.

The reMarkable tablet lacks surface lighting – location are nary LEDs, truthful it can’t beryllium utilized successful nan acheronian for illustration different e-ink tablets.

A stylus called nan Marker is included pinch a bundle acquisition and magnetically attaches to nan apical of nan correct bezel aliases nan correct edge. It has a good texture for grip, and nan much costly Marker Plus has an eraser connected top. 

Both pens are comfortably agelong and thick, well-weighted for extended writing. However, for illustration a existent pen, their tips deterioration out. Each battalion comes pinch 10 replacements, needing alteration each 3 to 7 weeks, aliases longer if not utilized constantly. This tin beryllium an further cost.