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The Dutch Samsung search website GalaxyClub recovered nan first traces of a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 tablet yesterday, aft discovering nan artillery for it connected nan South Korean regulatory agency SafetyKorea.

Samsung’s Tab Active bid is Samsung’s bid of afloat rugged tablets, chiefly geared towards nan endeavor markets, though they are sometimes sold by regular retailers too.

The artillery was easy to observe by its exemplary sanction EB-BC306GBY, because it is simply a swappable artillery which is only utilized by Samsung’s Tab Active tablets, since each their different tablets person integrated batteries.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 benchmarks

And nan exemplary number of nan artillery points to nan 306 bid that nan tablet belongs to, namely nan SM-X300 bid which has yet to beryllium introduced.

While nan artillery was approved past week, I noticed that personification sent a Samsung SM-X306 named tablet done nan benchmark comparison Geekbench yesterday.

It’s difficult to show if this is simply a legit tablet leak yet, but if it is, it was benchmark tested pinch a secure firmware mounting featuring a 2.4 GHz octa-core Samsung Exynos 1380 processor, pinch 6GB of RAM, while moving Android 14.

As a batch of you know, this is nan aforesaid processor utilized by nan Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablets that person been successful nan process of launching astir nan world nan past fewer weeks.

The Samsung SM-X306 exemplary should beryllium nan 5G version, though I would expect Samsung to motorboat a Wi-Fi only type too.

At immoderate rate, it’s improbable that this tablet will motorboat soon, and we’ll person to hold until 2024 earlier a caller Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 will launch.

The existent scope consists of nan 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro which launched successful September past year, and nan 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3, which launched 3 years ago, and is successful nan astir request of an upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active

– Tom Bowen