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Samsung has started rolling retired nan stable Android 14 update to its flagship Galaxy Tab S8 bid tablets. The update brings nan latest Android 14 operating strategy and Samsung’s civilization One UI 6 interface to nan Galaxy Tab S8, Tab S8 Plus, and Tab S8 Ultra.

Galaxy Tab S8 series

Galaxy Tab S8 series

The update is presently rolling retired successful Europe pinch firmware versions X906BXXU5CWK7, X706BXXU5CWK7, and X806BXXU5CWK7 for nan Tab S8 Ultra, Tab S8, and Tab S8 Plus respectively.

The update besides includes nan November 2023 Android information patch.

Here are nan steps to cheque nan firmware type connected your Galaxy Tab S8 series device:

1. Open nan Settings app connected your Galaxy Tab S8/S8+/S8 Ultra.

2. Scroll down and pat connected ‘About tablet’.

3. On nan About tablet screen, look for nan ‘Software information’ section.

4. In nan Software accusation section, you will spot nan Android type and One UI type your instrumentality is presently running.

5. Just beneath that, you will spot nan ‘Build number’ information. This is nan firmware type presently installed connected your device.

For example, if your build number is X906BXXU5CWK7, it indicates:

X906: Model number (Tab S8 Ultra)
B: Region codification
XXU: Firmware code
5CWK7: Build version

So successful this example, nan moving firmware type is X906BXXU5CWK7. Match this pinch nan type mentioned successful nan update article to cheque if nan latest update is already installed.

Android 14 and One UI 6 bring a big of caller features and improvements to Samsung’s tablets including enhanced multi-tasking and model controls, improved privateness controls, customizable location screens and fastener screens, and various ocular refreshments.

Users successful Europe tin manually cheque for nan update by going into Settings > Software Update and tapping Download and Install. The update is expected to grow to much regions soon.

This makes nan Galaxy Tab S8 bid nan latest flagship tablet lineup from Samsung to person nan Android 14 update aft nan Galaxy Tab S9 series. The update underscores Samsung’s committedness to accelerated package updates for its premium devices.

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