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Samsung Tab S9 FE vs Apple iPad Air: Mid-range Tablet Showdown | Medium Media

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Samsung Tab S9 FE vs Apple IPad Air

Samsung provides a scope of features pinch nan Galaxy Tab S9 FE, an Android tablet that's budget-friendly and offers beardown performance.

We analyse some to find retired really it compares to Apple's iPad Air (5th Generation) and which is amended suited to your integer needs aliases worthy buying.

Tab S9 FE vs iPad Air: Best Mid-Range Tablet

Both nan Galaxy Tab S9 FE and iPad Air are mid-range tablets from different companies. When deciding betwixt them, return into relationship factors for illustration price, design, package features, and performance.

The iPad Air boasts faster capacity pinch its M1 chip, which whitethorn beryllium much noticeable during intensive tasks alternatively than regular use. Meanwhile, nan Galaxy Tab S9 FE is $150 cheaper, adding to its appeal.

When choosing a mid-range tablet, matching it pinch your smartphone matters. Samsung Galaxy users will find tight integration pinch nan Tab S9 FE, and Galaxy Notebook users tin usage it arsenic an outer display. Similarly, nan iPad Air integrates good pinch Apple's ecosystem and tin activity alongside Mac computers.

Feature Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Apple iPad Air (2020)
Design Solid metallic and solid body Premium creation pinch sleek aesthetics
Display Vivid and responsive High-quality Retina display
Processor Comparatively slower Powerful M1 SoC
RAM Lower RAM connected introduction model 8GB RAM successful each models
Storage Modest retention options 64GB starting, up to 256GB (non-expandable)
S Pen Included Apple Pencil not included
Connectivity 5G only connected introduction model Wi-Fi and Cellular options available
Battery Life Long-lasting Long artillery life
Operating System Android iPadOS
Water and Dust Resistance Yes Not specified
Expandability Not specified Not expandable
App Ecosystem Wide scope of Android apps Extensive action of iPad apps
Price Range Budget-friendly Premium pricing

Pricing, Specifications, and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE was unveiled successful October 2023. In March 2022, nan iPad Air (5th Generation) was released. The iPad Air mightiness struggle owed to its older merchandise date.

The Galaxy Tab S9 FE costs $449 for nan guidelines model, which includes 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. There’s besides an upgraded type available.

It offers 256GB of retention and 8GB of RAM, suitable for moving demanding apps aliases games and storing much data. Importantly, nan Tab S9 FE supports microSD cards, allowing users to adhd up to 1TB of other retention aft purchase.

For those needing faster net connected nan go, there’s besides nan S9 FE 5G model. It includes 5G connectivity, making it perfect for travelers who don’t ever person entree to reliable Wi-Fi.

The iPad Air from Apple originates astatine $500 and includes only 64GB of storage, which whitethorn not beryllium capable for users pinch ample collections of photos, music, aliases videos, aliases those who want to play intensive video games.

For $650, you tin get a type pinch 256GB of storage. You tin besides adhd 5G cellular connectivity to either exemplary of nan iPad Air for an other $150.

Feature Comparison: iPad Air (2020) vs. Galaxy Tab S9 FE

Feature Apple iPad Air (2020) Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE
Weight 16.32 ounces 1.15 pounds
CPU Apple M1 Samsung Exynos 1380
Ports USB-C USB Type-C Version 2.0, microSD (up to 1TB)
Battery 10.5 hours Li-ion 8,000mAh
Display type Retina 10.9-inch, WUXGA+ (2304 x 1440), LCD
Storage 64GB 256GB, 128GB
Operating System iPadOS Android 13
Camera (Rear Front) Front: 12MP UW, Rear: 8MP, Front and rear
Size 10.9-inch display 10.01 x 6.53 x 0.26 inches
Memory 8GB 8GB, 6GB


The Tab S9 FE and iPad Air person bully designs that galore find agreeable. They are made of metallic and glass, giving them a premium feel. However, you mightiness want to get a tablet lawsuit to protect them.

Both tablets person connectors for keyboards: nan iPad Air connected nan backmost and nan Tab S9 FE connected nan side. They besides person beautiful touchscreens and bladed achromatic borders. On nan back, they person azygous cameras and their marque logos.

The Tab S9 FE offers lavender, silver, mint, and grey colour options. For those who for illustration colorful devices, nan iPad Air comes successful Starlight, pink, Space Gray, blue, and purple. Both tablets usage biometric security: simply spot your digit connected nan Power fastener to unlock them.

The Tab S9 FE focuses connected durability pinch particulate and h2o resistance, a characteristic not yet seen successful Apple's iPads. Both brands are choosing soft and pastel colors for their latest models.


Both Apple and Samsung are known for making fantabulous screens. The astir important portion of immoderate instrumentality is usually nan screen.

The Tab S9 FE features a 10.9-inch show pinch a solution of 2304×1440 pixels. In comparison, nan iPad Air offers a 10.9-inch surface pinch a higher solution of 2360×1640 pixels.

A higher refresh complaint makes moving things connected nan surface look smoother. This is bully for gamers and group who for illustration watching videos. The iPad Air has somewhat much pixels than nan Tab S9 FE, but astir group won’t announcement a difference.

The show is possibly nan astir captious facet of immoderate device, nan portion you will beryllium staring astatine astir of nan time. It will beryllium nary astonishment to immoderate that some Apple and Samsung nutrient immoderate of nan astir awesome displays around, and location is nary alteration here.

The Tab S9 FE offers a 10.9-inch show pinch 2304×1440 pixels, while nan iPad Air offers a akin size 10.9-inch show pinch 2360×1640 resolution.

The Tab S9 FE offers a smoother show acquisition pinch its higher refresh rate, which is 90Hz, compared to nan iPad Air's 60Hz. Gamers and multimedia fans will admit this characteristic for its enhanced mobility clarity.

Both tablets support styluses, allowing you to return notes aliases unleash your soul artist. The Galaxy S23 FE includes nan S Pen successful nan box, which charges magnetically connected nan device's back. The iPad Air supports nan 2nd Gen Apple Pencil, sold separately, which charges magnetically connected nan broadside of nan device.

Samsung Tab S9 FE vs Apple IPad Air

Battery and Performance

Apple amazed nan tech world pinch its M1 spot successful 2020, mounting a precocious modular for processors. Other companies person been trying to drawback up since then.

The iPad Air features nan powerful M1 chip, while Samsung's Tab S9 FE comes pinch nan Exynos 1380. According to independent tests, Apple's M1 spot outperforms nan Exynos by 2 to 3 times.

However, this doesn't mean nan Tab S9 FE is not worthy considering. The Exynos 1380 is still a beardown processor for mundane use.

The Apple M1 spot marked a important advancement successful processor technology. Even compared to different tin processors, it stands retired for its speed.

I judge astir users will find nan Exynos 1380 successful nan Tab S9 FE capable for regular tasks for illustration work, imaginative projects, and gaming.

The iPad Air boasts 8GB of RAM for soft strategy performance. In contrast, nan Tab S9 FE starts pinch 6GB of RAM and offers an 8GB action successful its higher-tier model.

If you scheme to prosecute successful contented creation, gaming, aliases multitasking pinch aggregate apps and browsing tabs, opting for nan 8GB Tab S9 FE exemplary is advisable.

Ultimately, a tablet's powerfulness is irrelevant if its artillery dies and you deficiency entree to a charger. The iPad Air offers up to 10 hours of artillery life per charge, while nan Tab S9 FE delivers up to 18 hours.

For recharging, nan Tab S9 FE supports Super Fast Charging, allowing for a afloat complaint successful nether 90 minutes erstwhile utilizing nan optional 45W wall charger.


When deciding betwixt an Android tablet for illustration nan Galaxy Tab S9 FE and an iPadOS tablet specified arsenic nan Apple iPad Air, nan prime often boils down to package preference, sloppy of hardware differences.

If you want your smartphone to pass pinch your tablet, sharing messages, telephone calls, and files quickly, take nan tablet that champion matches your smartphone. Likewise, Android users thin to clasp nan Android integration pinch nan Galaxy Tab series.

If you already unrecorded wrong nan Apple ecosystem and ain an iPhone, MacBook, etc., an iPad will fresh amended into your existing workflow.

iPadOS offers a wide scope of tablet-specific software. Android connected tablets has improved importantly complete nan years but whitethorn still tally unoptimized smartphone apps much often connected devices for illustration nan Tab S9 FE than connected nan iPad Air.

For those seeking a desktop-like acquisition connected a tablet, nan Tab S9 FE includes Samsung DeX. This characteristic lets you usage Android apps pinch a taskbar, desktop, and much successful aggregate windows. The iPad Air offers Stage Manager, a akin but much constricted alternative.


The Tab S9 FE and iPad Air person basal beforehand and rear cameras. They are bully for video calls, capturing moments for illustration your pet doing thing cute, and are not arsenic precocious arsenic high-end smartphone cameras.

Both tablets person 12MP beforehand cameras pinch package that keeps you successful attraction during video calls, moreover if you move around. The rear cameras are besides similar, pinch Apple utilizing a 12MP sensor and Samsung utilizing an 8MP sensor.