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Spotify Sounds Muffled: Solution for PC + MAC & Android

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Spotify, a measurement to perceive to millions of songs. However, it is reported that distorted sound is simply a large rumor nowadays for Spotify. 

But why Spotify sounds muffled and really to hole that? 

For starters, messing up equalization settings tin origin Spotify to sound muffled. Thus, you request to optimize nan equalization settings. Nevertheless, hardware problems for illustration dusty USB sound larboard tin beryllium besides a case. You request to decently clear nan USB larboard past insert your speaker aliases headphone. Speaking of headphone, usage bully value headphones to destruct Spotify’s muffled sounds. 


There’s much to nan story. But, don’t worry! I person provided solutions for different scenarios. 

So, let’s get started.



  • Spotify settings disagree for each platform.
  • Low-quality headphones and speakers will origin muffled sounds while utilizing Spotify.
  • Mismatch codecs for Bluetooth headphones consequence successful bad audio.

A Quick Glance to Troubleshooting Spotify Sounds Muffled

Why Does Your Spotify Sound Muffled?

Spotify is an fantabulous euphony streaming work pinch millions of songs astatine each user’s disposal. People tin watercourse high-quality euphony for free and without overmuch trouble. 

However, users do look abrupt issues for illustration muffled audio aliases Today’s apical instrumentality characteristic not working. These issues are rather normal. The muffled audio information could beryllium caused by respective factors –

Muffled Sound from Spotify

Bad Equalizer Settings:

Using nan Equalizers, you tin alteration nan audio’s low, mid, and high-intensity levels. Changing nan frequencies makes your preferred style of euphony sound its best. 

Most users person their Equalizer settings astatine their default state. So, it’s rather normal for circumstantial songs successful your customized playlist to not lucifer pinch nan settings. And this tin beryllium nan logic down nan muffled audio.


But don’t get excessively worked up and commencement fiddling pinch nan incorrect buttons to hole nan equalizer. Later successful this article, we person an extended guideline to thief you pinch this.

Solution: Optimizing Equalizer Settings

For some their iOS and Android apps, location are various combinations of EQ presets connected Spotify. However, moreover presets that purpose to execute nan aforesaid sound characteristic won’t sound precisely nan same.

For PC and Mac, you tin besides find different equalizer settings successful nan menu. Changing nan equalizer settings tin hole nan problem easily. We’ll reside this rumor later on.



Using level equalizer settings tin springiness nan optimal consequence sometimes.

Opening Spotify EqualizerSource: DRMare

Poor Quality Headphones:

Cheap headphones are commonly to blasted for nan mediocre sound value erstwhile listening to euphony connected Spotify. With 2 varieties of headphones available, nan origin for muffled sound successful each business is unique-

EzoicWired Headphones:

Muffled audio is nan consequence of a bad relationship to nan audio source. In this case, it is astir apt your phone.

Sound value will undoubtedly beryllium inconsistent if nan headphones’ plug is improperly inserted into nan audio port.

Wireless headphones:

Mismatched codecs are nan origin of muted sound successful Bluetooth headphones. Codecs are utilized to compress tremendous volumes of data, successful this business it is media files.

Bluetooth codecs travel successful a assortment of forms. However, not each devices support each type of codec. So, if your instrumentality is moving APTX and your headphone doesn’t support that, past you mightiness look immoderate problems.

When a instrumentality doesn’t support nan desired codec, they typically downgrade to inferior quality. And this causes a muffled sound. 

Solution: Replacing nan Headphones:

You request to prime amended wireless headphones for illustration Sony WH-1000XM4. They person awesome audio value and supply fantabulous sound cancellation. 


At nan aforesaid time, they make judge that location are nary instances of mismatched codecs. Sennheiser HD 450BT is different highly affordable wireless option.

For moving aliases exercising, JBL Endurance RUN is nan champion pinch a h2o guidance feature.

Before replacing nan earphone, tweak nan audio settings to hole nan problem. You tin usage preset equalizer settings.

You Have High Impedance Headphones

Chances are debased that you’re utilizing high-impedance headphones pinch Spotify. Normally, audiophiles aliases audio professionals usage these headphones aliases IEMs.

The point is –

These headphones require monolithic powerfulness to thrust sound done them. So, audiophiles usage amps aliases DACs to bring nan juice retired of those headphones. And usually (my assumption) group don’t usage Spotify pinch those headphones arsenic Spotify still doesn’t support FLAC.

So, cheque what’s nan impedance standing of your headphone and spot what’s nan sensitivity level.


Solution: Use Dongle DACs aliases Low Impedance Headphones

If you’re utilizing high-impedance headphones and if your Spotify sounds muffled, past you person 2 solutions –

  • Using thing to springiness Enough powerfulness to nan headphones
  • Using thing that doesn’t require that overmuch power.

To springiness capable powerfulness to your headphones you tin effort dongle DACs for illustration nan Xduoo Link 2 Bal. You tin cheque it from amazon aliases linsoul. Or you tin fetch nan Cayin RU6 from Aliexpress. These are nan top-of-the-line dongle DAC/Amps. With a debased budget, you tin effort the Apple dongle aliases nan Xumee by Amazon.

On nan different hand, you tin ditch nan high-impedance headphones and drawback a regular headphone aliases IEM.

Dusty USB Port:

This usually occurs while listening to Spotify successful your car. A malfunctioning USB larboard could beryllium nan origin of nan muffled sound.

Dirt buildup successful nan USB larboard tin consequence successful a misaligned connection. And causing nan signals to beryllium disrupted and creating poor-quality audio. Distorted sound tin besides beryllium a problem erstwhile utilizing a USB port.


Solution: Cleaning nan USB Port

You request to region particulate from nan USB port. Using mini brushwood tin activity for illustration a charm.

Also, sometimes nan USB relationship is loose. Thus, nan muffled sounds travel whenever you play spotify. So, guarantee due USB connectivity.

Inserting USB successful dusty USB ports tin harm nan PC.

Dusty USB portSource: Click Computer Service

How to Fix nan Spotify Sounds Muffled According to Different Devices?

Most of these muffled sound issues get fixed by utilizing nan sound settings aliases equalization settings. But according to each type of device, nan solution tin vary.


Because not each instrumentality has nan aforesaid benignant of customization choice. Let’s spot really you tin hole nan rumor pinch your circumstantial gadget-

Spotify Sounds Muffled PC:

You can’t usage nan equalizer if you’re utilizing Spotify connected a desktop machine moving Windows. But nan bully news is that you tin still hole it utilizing a different equalizer software. But first, double-check your sound settings.

Open nan ‘Control panel’ and prime ‘Hardware’ and past spell to ‘Sound’. Now, right-click connected your default speaker and prime ‘Properties’ past ‘Advanced’.  

You tin alteration nan built-in format to nan 1 you for illustration from there. And click “Apply” aft that.

You mightiness besides effort reinstalling nan Spotify app. But, make judge to reinstall nan package from nan Microsoft Store. That way, 


Sometimes nan rumor whitethorn beryllium pinch your account’s default settings alternatively than nan package connected your PC. Check nan web subordinate to spot if nan aforesaid muffled noises appear.Ezoic

If you are a premium personification past alteration High-Quality Streaming connected Spotify PC.

Spotify connected windows laptopSource: SoundGuys

Spotify Sounds Muffled Mac:

The Mac doesn’t person entree to nan equalizer settings either. To hole nan problem, you must alteration your Mac’s sound settings aliases usage a caller equalizer tool. You tin alteration nan soul sound settings connected Mac by pursuing these steps:

First, spell to nan ‘Menu’ and past ‘System Preferences’ to entree your sound options. Click connected ‘Sound’ and past spell to ‘Input’. Now prime “Internal Microphone” arsenic nan input.


Next, unpair nan headphones and past reconnect them to nan Macbook. This will guarantee that nan audio is crystal clear.

Spotify connected MacSource: KnowTechie

Spotify Sounds Muffled successful A Car:

Wondering why Spotify sounds distorted successful car?

Well, owed to improper relationship to CarPlay, Spotify tin sound distorted successful cars. You request to cheque whether nan Bluetooth relationship aliases nan USB larboard is nan issue. Playing Spotify utilizing Bluetooth usually useful well. However, while utilizing CarPlay aliases a USB port, it becomes muffled.

If CarPlay does not usability arsenic expected, travel these steps to resoluteness nan issue.

First, guarantee that your iPhone is moving nan astir caller type of iOS. If it has nan astir caller iOS installation, make judge that nan CarPlay action is not restricted. 


You tin prime “Screen time” from nan phone’s settings. From location look for ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’. Now pat nan ‘Allowed Apps’ action and spot if CarPlay is enabled.

CarPlay doesn’t ever commencement up connected its own. So, look for nan CarPlay logo connected nan dashboard of your car and move it on.

After that, make judge that nan CarPlay power is updated pinch nan newest package available. For much details, You tin cheque your car’s manual. If you’re still having problem connecting to CarPlay, you should interaction Apple Support.

Use a bully amplifier for amended sound successful your car.


Spotify connected carSource: PiPA News

Spotify Sounds Muffled iPhone:

In lawsuit of muffled sound successful nan iPhone, you tin do a caller reinstallation of nan application. In nan mostly of situations, this resolves nan problem.

You tin besides cheque the  WiFi/Bluetooth settings. A fewer users person noticed glitches erstwhile some Wifi and Bluetooth are enabled. But nan instrumentality goes backmost to normal erstwhile conscionable 1 is active.

So, if you aren’t utilizing nan wireless headphones, time off nan Bluetooth action off. Similarly, if you are utilizing offline mode aliases mobile information to stream, you tin disable nan Wifi.

If nary of these look to beryllium effective, you tin trial pinch nan equalizer settings. This is guaranteed to lick nan problem.

Here’s how to alteration Spotify equalization connected iOS


To alteration spotify equalization connected iOS Head to ‘Home’ and prime ‘Settings’. Select nan ‘Playback’ action and you will spot ‘Equalizer’, move it on. Then, either prime 1 of nan presets aliases personalize it by dragging nan dots yourself.

Spotify connected iOSSource: PC Guide

Spotify Sounds Muffled Android:

If you’re listening to euphony utilizing headphones, make judge they’re decently connected and there’s nary dirt. If everything appears to beryllium successful order, you whitethorn request to cheque for nan equalizer settings.

But, depending connected nan device’s maker, Android users whitethorn not beryllium capable to usage Spotify’s equalizer. You tin cheque nan mounting successful ‘Home’ to spot if your instrumentality tin grip nan Spotify equalizer.

Go to your ‘Settings’ and past to ‘Audio Quality. Check to spot if there’s “Equalize” connected your device. If you do person equalizer settings, tapping it will return you to nan equalizer power screen. You tin set nan settings from location to your preference.

Spotify connected AndroidSource: Digital Music News

Does Spotify Premium Have Better Sound?

A higher bitrate, successful general, equals amended audio quality. Spotify Free allows you to perceive to euphony successful modular (96 kbps) aliases precocious value (160 Kbps). You can’t alteration nan bitrate beyond that.

Fortunately, Spotify Premium includes 320 Kbps streaming. If you usage high-end headphones aliases speakers, this tin consequence successful better, much elaborate audio output.

This characteristic does not use to podcasts wherever nan bitrate is 96 Kbps for each devices. But location is an objection pinch nan web player, which defaults to 128 Kbps.

So, yes, Spotify Premium has amended sound. Along pinch ad-free listening and offline mode, it’s worthwhile to salary nan subscription interest for superior audio.

However, if you’re a casual euphony listener alternatively than an audiophile, nan free edition’s settings will suffice. Instead, you tin effort to summation nan audio value utilizing customization options offered successful nan Free edition. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Makes Tidal Superior to Spotify?

The audio value options connected Spotify are much extensive. Spotify features a ‘Low’ value level of only 24 kbps for those who want to prevention data. But pinch its HiFi and Master audio value options, Tidal triumphs easy complete Spotify

What Is nan Highest Sound Quality of Spotify?

Spotify’s maximum bitrate is 320 kbps. This is almost indistinguishable from a lossless format. But nan streaming package does not guarantee this level of playback quality. But pinch a premium subscription, playback astatine 256 kbps is assured.


Does Spotify Compromise nan Sound Quality?

Music is played backmost astatine 256kbps if you person Spotify Premium. If you person a free Spotify account, it will play astatine 128kbps. 256 kbps whitethorn look to beryllium a important alteration from 320 kbps. However, you shouldn’t beryllium excessively bothered if you don’t want to download nan desktop version.

End Words

So, we dream you person sewage capable thought astir why your Spotify sounds muffled. In this situation, making nan astir of nan “Equalizer Settings” is nan champion action successful this situation.