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UK exertion startup Star Labs has unveiled their latest lightweight Linux laptop, nan StarLite 5. Donning an ultra-portable convertible design, nan StarLite 5 stands retired pinch its versatile characteristic set, premium open-source firmware, and extended modification options for tech enthusiasts.

StarLite 5

StarLite 5

At nan bosom of nan StarLite 5 lies Intel’s caller energy-efficient Alder Lake N200 quad-core chip, which tin scope turbo timepiece speeds up to 3.7GHz. Paired pinch this are 16GB of accelerated LPDDR5 RAM moving astatine 4800MHz and up to a freely 2TB PCIe Gen 3 SSD. The M.2 thrust delivers quoted sequential read/write speeds of 3370/3030MB/s.

Together, these high-performance components let for soft multitasking and speedy footwear ups moreover pinch aggregate programs and browser tabs open.

StarLite 5

StarLite 5

The 12.5-inch IPS touch show impresses pinch its 2K solution and 16:10 facet ratio, resulting successful a crisp pixel density of 276 ppi. Star Labs says nan sheet covers 100% of sRGB and 71% of NTSC colour gamuts, pinch a highest brightness of 300 nits.

The patented anodized aluminum lid tin crook backmost astir 360 degrees to toggle shape nan device into a tablet, useful for artists and designers.

Connectivity is handled via Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.1, a micro HDMI port, dual USB 3.2 Type-C ports pinch DisplayPort alt mode and Power Delivery 3.0 charging, a microSD slot, and a cosmopolitan headphone jack. The StarLite 5 besides incorporates a mates of cameras – location is simply a 2K webcam supra nan surface and different high-res rear shooter.

Despite its diminutive footprint, nan StarLite 5 offers coagulated battery life acknowledgment to nan 38Wh cell. Star Labs says users tin expect up to 12 hours of mixed usage connected a afloat charge. The laptop ships pinch a mini yet powerful 65W GaN USB-C powerfulness adapter.

StarLite 5

StarLite 5

However, nan astir unsocial facet of this instrumentality is Star Labs’ dedication to open-source firmware. TheStarLite 5 comes preloaded pinch Coreboot BIOS for quicker footwear ups. Owners tin besides customize low-level settings via nan Advanced Configuration interface. Conveniently, early firmware and driver upgrades will beryllium issued straight done LVFS.

As a Linux-focused OEM, Star Labs preinstalls users’ prime of Ubuntu, Linux Mint, aliases different distros retired of nan box. The institution provides a 1-year constricted warranty that allows afloat customization and tinkering without voiding coverage.

With prices starting from $655.00, nan feature-rich and elastic StarLite 5 targets developers, sysadmins, and open-source enthusiasts.

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The Amazon Store: StarLabsSystems Store

StarLite 5 Specification

Feature Specification
Processor Intel Alder Lake N200 quad-core, 1.0GHz guidelines clock, up to 3.7GHz turbo, 6MB cache, 6W TDP
Storage Up to 2TB PCIe SSD, sequential read/write speed: 3370/3030 MB/s
Display 12.5″ 2K (2880 x 1920) IPS LED backlit touchscreen, 300 nits, 178° wide viewing angles
Graphics Integrated Intel UHD graphics, 750Mhz clock
Battery 38Wh Li-ion polymer, supports up to 12 hrs runtime
Charger 65W USB-C GaN
Wireless Connectivity WiFi 5, Bluetooth 5.1
Ports Micro HDMI, dual USB-C (DisplayPort alt mode), MicroSD paper reader, headphone jack
Camera 2MP beforehand & rear cam
Other features Backlit keyboard, stereo speakers, TPM
Preloaded OS Linux Ubuntu/Mint/other
Weight 0.9 kg (1.98 lbs)
Dimensions 289 x 203 x 8.9 mm
Starting Price $655.00