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The Teclast P40HD 2023 is among nan very cheapest 10.1-inch Android 13 tablets you tin bargain today, but it still has 8GB of RAM and a Full HD screen, moreover though it’s successful nan Fire HD 10 value range: https://www.amazon.com/TECLAST-Android-Tablets-Cellular-1920×1200

So is it immoderate good? Well I sought to find retired successful my Teclast P40HD review.

First impressions are good. The build value is bully retired of nan box, it’s sturdy, and it comes pinch protective shipping movie connected nan beforehand and backmost that peels off, but it besides has a 2nd furniture of tempered surface protector which I kept connected for astir of nan review.

Teclast P40HD

Teclast P40HD

Though nan 2nd furniture of surface protector affected nan touchscreen responsiveness a little, truthful it felt nan champion without immoderate surface protector connected astatine all.

Teclast P40HD is powered by nan octa-core Unisoc T606 processor which gave maine a Geekbench 6 benchmark people of 375 successful single-core and 1385 successful multi-core people erstwhile moving Android 13. So that makes it easy to find whether this tablet is accelerated capable for you. And this chipset besides carries pinch it nan Mali-G57 GPU.

But nan existent worth lies successful nan 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM, which tin beryllium expanded upon pinch an further 8GB of virtual RAM. So for each your RAM intensive tasks, this is simply a tablet to see connected a budget. How overmuch virtual RAM you want to group aside, is thing you simply set successful nan settings immoderate clip you want to set that up aliases down.

It besides has 128GB of storage, which is still bully successful this value range. It’s nan quicker UFS retention type too. And nan motherboard supports microSD cards up to 1TB successful size, truthful inexpensive retention upgrades are easy available.

So this moreover useful retired good for each nan normal free games connected Google Play. It’s only erstwhile personification is superior astir gaming that they’ll want a faster processor.

Teclast P40HD review

Teclast P40HD

The 10.1-inch LCD surface could person had a fewer much nits brightness for my taste, but that’s why this is simply a fund tablet. And erstwhile browsing, nan 1920 x 1200 Full HD show solution lacked immoderate of nan sharpness of nan champion tablets successful nan 10-inch tablet category. But this didn’t look for illustration an rumor erstwhile gaming aliases watching movies though.

There are a fewer surface accommodation settings for this successful Android, truthful this tin beryllium tweaked a little. But nan Teclast P40HD supports Widevine L1, and ran movies good successful Full HD successful Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The tablet is not meant to support digitizer pens, but I tested it pinch a fewer digitizer pens anyway, and it was capable to prime up nan strokes, but location was a latency of betwixt 15 to 25ms. But still bully capable for highlighting paragraphs successful PDF files I would say.

The stereo speakers are located underneath nan tablet successful scenery mode, and tin beryllium turned somewhat loud. Other than that they sounded a small spot supra mean for tablet speakers successful this value range. But location is simply a 3.5mm audio jack connected apical for earbuds aliases further speakers.

Teclast P40HD test

Teclast P40HD

The rear camera has a 13MP camera pinch LED flash, and an image solution of 4920 x 3104 pinch a 32mm camera lens. It supports 1080p FHD video signaling astatine 30fps. The beforehand camera for video calls is simply a 5MP camera pinch a solution up to 2592 x 1944 pinch a 32mm lens. And it really has facial nickname for unlocking nan tablet quickly.

The rear camera tin overexpose photos a small if you are not careful, truthful you whitethorn person to return a fewer pictures pinch different ray metre settings earlier you are satisfied pinch nan quality.
Whenever that business originate connected an Android tablet, I for illustration to effort retired different camera apps instead, which tin make nan photograph shooting process a batch simpler. But mostly it does champion connected adjacent scope photos.

It has built-in 4G LTE, but it each depends connected nan region you are going to usage it in, truthful cheque retired successful beforehand whether your location bands are supported. Most group don’t bargain it for that anyway. But set support is for 4G (FDD): B1, B3, B5, B7, B8, B20; 4G (TDD): B34, B38, B39, B40, B41; 3G (WCDMA): B1, B2, B5, B8; and down to 2G (GSM): B2, B3, B5, B8.

It besides has Bluetooth 5.0 which useful quickly erstwhile pairing it pinch keyboards, mouse, aliases Bluetooth speakers. The Wi-Fi specs are dual-band 2.4 Ghz + 5 Ghz 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi 5 pinch Wi-Fi Direct.

The Wi-Fi bandwidth is good erstwhile utilized wrong a scope of 1-2 rooms away, but immoderate further than that and it starts to struggle. But this is chipset thing, since this is decided chiefly by nan Wi-Fi modem connected nan Unisoc T606 chipset.

Teclast P40HD 2023

Teclast P40HD

That said, it has a batch of tablet sensors for a tablet successful this value range, including accelerometer, measurement detector, measurement counter, ambient ray sensor, GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo navigation sensors.

The navigation sensors were capable to find 9 satellites wrong 1 infinitesimal erstwhile tested outdoors connected an almost clear day, truthful that’s besides bully successful this value range.

Battery life erstwhile mounting nan surface to 80% brightness and moving videos, has been astir 8 hours. Charging to 100% from 1% takes a small little than 3 hours, arsenic it comes pinch a 10W USB-C charger. The artillery capacity is listed arsenic 6000 mAh (average) by Teclast, but my artillery metre really came backmost pinch a measurement of 6252 mAh, truthful nary complaints there.

In position of design, Teclast P40HD has nan powerfulness fastener and nan measurement rockers connected nan near broadside successful scenery mode, which useful retired okay. The SIM tray and microSD paper slot, arsenic good arsenic nan audio combo jack are located connected top. So nan creation has a logical layout.

The thickness is 8.4mm while nan weight is 514 grams. And I situation opportunity that nan touch and consciousness of nan tablet is really connected nan premium side. It’s pleasant to clasp astir nan bezels and edges, pinch nary crisp edges. And nan texturized but soft grey backmost has conscionable nan correct consciousness to it truthful that it doesn’t gaffe retired nan grip.

In conclusion, you tin spot that location are pros and cons to nan Teclast P40HD. It’s not flagship perfect, but it is very inexpensive and has a amazingly bully level of specs.

Teclast P40HD pros and cons

Teclast P40HD

– Tom Bowen