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Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo published a bully recap of his predictions for Apple’s 2024 iPad lineup connected his
Medium page today.

Kuo has nan champion way grounds connected coming iPad launches of anyone covering Apple products, truthful they are worthy taking seriously.

2024 Apple iPad Air 10.9 and 12.9.
A first iPad Air 12.9 is scheduled for accumulation successful Q1 alongside an upgraded iPad Air 10.9. So that’s virtually large news.

2024 Apple iPad Timeline Launches

Though astatine nan aforesaid time, this wouldn’t beryllium nan first clip that Apple has taken a erstwhile iPad Pro and turned it into an iPad Air, arsenic agelong arsenic their existent iPad Pro moves up yet different notch.

2024 Apple iPad Pro 13 and iPad Pro 11.
These first OLED iPads are scheduled for accumulation a small later than primitively planned, betwixt Q1 and Q2, and will characteristic nan caller Apple M3 processor that has already recovered their measurement into Macs.

2024 iPad mini.
Expected to spell into accumulation successful nan 2nd half of adjacent year.

2024 iPad 11
The caller main iPad will besides spell into accumulation successful nan 2nd half of adjacent year.

Current iPad 10.2
The cheapest iPad successful nan range, which has been connected waste each nan measurement down to $249, will cease accumulation earlier nan extremity of 2024.

So that’s useful to cognize earlier Christmas season, truthful group don’t extremity up waiting for thing that’s excessively acold retired successful time.

– Jim Miller