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Curious astir erstwhile Tower of Fantasy will beryllium released?

You’ve travel to nan correct place!

Tower Of Fantasy

What is nan merchandise day of Tower of Fantasy?

The charismatic merchandise day for Tower of Fantasy is December 16, 2022. This marks a important infinitesimal for fans eager to research its immense world connected some PC and mobile platforms. The game’s motorboat is not conscionable astir nan date; it represents nan culmination of extended improvement and anticipation from nan gaming community.

As a highly awaited title, Tower of Fantasy promises an immersive acquisition blending communicative extent pinch engaging gameplay mechanics.

Expected value of Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is expected to beryllium priced astatine $29.99, making it an accessible action for gamers looking for a caller escapade without breaking nan bank.

This value constituent is strategically group to pull a wide audience, balancing affordability pinch nan worth offered by nan game’s content. It reflects nan developers’ committedness to providing a high-quality gaming acquisition that is wrong scope for players worldwide.

Expected value of Tower of Fantasy

The Official Dates And Times For Tower of Fantasy

Region Platform(s) Release Date Release Time (Local Time)
China PC & Mobile December 16, 2021 Varies by store
North America PC, Mobile, PS4, PS5 August 10, 2022 12:00 PM PST
Europe PC, Mobile, PS4, PS5 August 10, 2022 01:00 PM BST
Japan PC, Mobile, PS4, PS5 August 10, 2022 09:00 AM JST
South Korea PC, Mobile, PS4, PS5 August 10, 2022 10:00 AM KST
Southeast Asia PC, Mobile August 10, 2022 Varies by store
Other regions PC, Mobile August 10, 2022 Varies by store

Will Tower of Fantasy support transverse platform?

Unfortunately, Tower of Fantasy’s cross-platform functionality is limited:

  1. PC and Mobile: Players on Android, iOS, and PC can play together seamlessly sloppy of region. This is nan astir extended cross-play disposable successful nan game.
  2. PlayStation: The PlayStation 4 and 5 versions do not support cross-play pinch immoderate different platform, including PC and mobile. This intends players connected Playstation only play pinch different Playstation users.

Will Tower of Fantasy support transverse platform

Tower of Fantasy: Gameplay

The gameplay of Tower of Fantasy is centered astir an open-world action RPG experience. Players tin research nan world, prosecute successful combat, complete quests, and upgrade their characters utilizing a assortment of weapons and skills.

This rich | gameplay loop offers extent and variety, appealing to some casual and hardcore gamers. The open-world creation encourages exploration and discovery, while nan combat strategy challenges players to maestro different strategies and characteristic builds.

Tower of Fantasy Characters

  1. Samir
  2. King
  3. Tsubasa
  4. Cocoritter
  5. Huma
  6. Shiro
  7. Zero
  8. Meryl
  9. Nemesis
  10. Claudia
  11. Frigg
  12. Ruby
  13. Lin
  14. Saki Fuwa
  15. Tian Lang
  16. Molten Shield V2
  17. Thunderblades
  18. Absolute Zero
  19. Dual EM Stars
  20. Venus
  21. Balmung
  22. Annabella

Tower of Fantasy Characters

Tower of Fantasy Editions

  1. Standard Edition: The guidelines crippled pinch nary further bonuses.
  2. Deluxe Edition: Includes nan guidelines game, additional in-game rate (Tantalum), exclusive avatar frames, and different insignificant cosmetic items.
  3. Limited Edition: Includes everything successful nan Deluxe Edition, plus further Tantalum, weapon skins, character relics, and exclusive mounts.
  4. Collector’s Edition: The astir premium edition, including each items from nan Limited Edition, a beingness soundtrack, artbook, and a collectible figure.

Tower of Fantasy Minimum System Requirements


  1. Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit aliases later
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-4400E aliases equivalent
  3. Memory: 8 GB RAM
  4. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 aliases equivalent
  5. DirectX: Version 11
  6. Storage: 25 GB disposable space


  1. Operating System: Android 7.0 aliases later, iOS 10.0 aliases later
  2. Processor: Kirin 710/Snapdragon 660 aliases equivalent
  3. Memory: 4 GB RAM (6 GB RAM recommended)
  4. Storage: 12 GB disposable abstraction (15 GB aliases much recommended)

Tower of Fantasy Minimum System Requirements


Tower of Fantasy sets nan shape for an immersive action RPG acquisition successful a elaborate sci-fi world. With its merchandise connected December 16, 2022, gamers will person nan chance to dive into a crippled that supports cross-platform play, offers engaging gameplay, and is accessible connected some PC and mobile devices.


Will Tower of Fantasy Work On Xbox?

No, Tower of Fantasy will not beryllium disposable connected Xbox, focusing alternatively connected PC and mobile platforms.

What is nan size of Tower of Fantasy successful GB?

The crippled requires astir 50 GB of retention space.

Is Tower of Fantasy nan past crippled of nan series?

No, Tower of Fantasy is nan opening of a caller series, promising much adventures successful nan future.

Who owns nan Tower of Fantasy franchise?

The franchise is owned by Hotta Studio, marking their introduction into nan action RPG genre.