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Updated 14-Inch AMD Tablet Minisforum V3 Specs | Medium Media

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Minisforum, nan machine hardware shaper astir known for their wast scope of desktop mini PCs has made an updated announcement connected their upcoming AMD tablet Minisforum V3 done their Discord page.

Minisforum is still not astatine liberty to really talk specifications of nan upcoming processor since this AMD processor hasn’t been launched yet. However, they do astatine slightest fto america cognize that it’s a flagship AMD CPU astatine 28W, which we cognize is wherever nan AMD Hawk Point processor lies at.

So that’s not really a concealed immoderate longer. But location was 1 important alteration to nan specs sheet, which was that nan 14-inch Windows tablet Minisforum V3 will characteristic a 2.5K solution display, alternatively of nan QHD+ solution show astatine 3200 x 1800 that was rumored successful September. For a hardcore gamer, that whitethorn still beryllium a rather batch of surface solution considering nan hardware.

Minisforum V3

But nan surface will still characteristic a refresh complaint of 165 Hz and now MPP 2.6 pen support pinch 4096 levels of unit sensitivity, 16GB and 32GB LPDDR5 6400 MHz RAM, M.2 2280 storage, quad speakers, a 2MP beforehand camera, a 5MP rear camera, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, a fingerprint reader, facial login, and a 50Wh+ battery.

It’s will measurement little than 999 grams and beryllium thinner than 9.9mm, while sporting 2x USB 4 ports and DP-in port, an SD paper slot, and a 3.5mm audio combo jack.

Minisforum besides continues to expect a motorboat successful Q1 2024, though this will dangle connected nan readiness of nan components too.

Minisforum V3

Minisforum V3

And while we person seen a fewer Windows handhelds specified arsenic nan Asus Rog Ally motorboat pinch AMD processors lately, nan upcoming Minisforum V3 is only nan 2nd AMD tablet successful nan tablet sized shape facet to motorboat pinch an AMD processor alongside nan absorbing caller Alldocube iWork GT 12, which is launching from AliExpress for a value of $649 pinch an AMD R5 7520U processor and 16GB RAM.

– Tom Bowen