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Exciting caller accusation has travel to ray regarding Xiaomi’s upcoming premium tablet, nan Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro. According to extended leaks uncovered successful Xiaomi’s Mi Code (via GSMChina), nan Pad 7 Pro is shaping up to beryllium a awesome upgrade complete past year’s Pad 6 Pro model.

Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro

Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro Specs (Source: Gsmchina)

Codenamed “Sheng” and exemplary number N81A, nan prima of nan show looks to beryllium a caller 10-inch LCD display sheet manufactured by Tianma.

While a spot smaller than nan 11-inch surface recovered successful nan erstwhile generation, nan caller show seemingly packs an awesome pixel solution of 1480 x 2367 mixed pinch an highly fluid 144Hz refresh complaint for silky soft visuals.

Powering nan tablet this clip astir is rumored to beryllium Qualcomm’s marque caller Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. Still recovered only successful early flagship telephone prototypes today, this cutting-edge processor would springiness nan Pad 7 Pro a sizeable capacity boost complete nan Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 recovered wrong its predecessor. Xiaomi appears keen connected making nan Pad 7 Pro a productivity and imaginative workhorse.

On nan imaging front, our sources constituent to a dual camera setup connected nan backmost including a main sensor and extent sensor for bokeh effects. While nonstop megapixel counts are still unknown, this setup intimately resembles nan dual camera array connected nan backmost of nan older Pad 5 Pro model. Video calling capacity stands to amended arsenic good acknowledgment to an upgraded front-facing selfie camera.

Other enhancements mentioned successful nan leaks see a quad stereo speaker setup backed by Dolby audio enhancements for immersive intermezo experiences. And connected nan package side, nan tablet is said to vessel pinch MIUI 14 based connected Android 14 OS correct retired of nan box.

Xiaomi is rumored to beryllium unveiling nan Pad 7 Pro tablet alongside its upcoming Xiaomi 14 Ultra smartphone flagship in April of 2024. However, successful disappointing news for fans extracurricular of China, nan tablet whitethorn stay exclusive to Xiaomi’s location marketplace conscionable arsenic its predecessor was. Global users will apt spot a much affordable Xiaomi Pad 7 exemplary instead, which our sources corroborate is already being tested internally.

While galore cardinal specifications stay nether wraps, nan info unveiled frankincense acold suggests Xiaomi is cooking up thing typical pinch nan Pad 7 Pro.

We will support a adjacent oculus connected this processing communicative starring up to nan rumored April motorboat arena adjacent year.

– Jim Miller